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VOIP – Be dedicated to your server!!

In past decades, customers chose their providers for a variety of reasons. Initially, there were several large companies to choose from. Later, a proliferation of companies arose as entrepreneurs discovered that they could simply gather a few servers and open their doors for business.


How To Reduce Your Business Costs With Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing brought great revolutions for Information Technology. Previously, companies had to buy expensive equipment, maintain their own infrastructure and specialized technical services. But now the scenario has changed. The internet has enabled our information to be available online and can be accessed from any device. Technology has improved over time and thus the… Read More »


Server Load Balancing With LVS (Linux Virtual Server)

LVS (Linux Virtual Server) is a set of utilities and patches for the Linux kernel that allows the creation of a single virtual server from multiple nodes, all in load balancing and high availability by eliminating the weaknesses of the infrastructure ( SPOF ) If a node falls, in fact, the service is not interrupted.… Read More »