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Though we have reached a phase where cloud computing has evolved in diverse fields of applications, we are still way far from the time when, you can say, you will order your food on cloud!

Cloud computing is impacting the world very swiftly but positively; every other week new launch with cloud technology is coming forward to privatize. Damn! This never stopping technology innovation, Take example of Mobile phones, when you are up for buying latest model of smart phone, Ta-da! Here comes the very new upgraded version of it.

I keep wondering sometimes with very genius thoughts like, Will I ever get chance to download my favorite Pizza from internet? Will I be able to ride my bike in air? Aren’t these very cool? Well, we are already in the verge of change! Don’t believe? You can get to know few very remarkable changes with Cloud computing below and I would love to know your views and ideas for the change we are flowing in.

Rightscale survey statistics shows that in year 2015, few to 100% (i.e. 93%) of organizations surveyed were running applications on cloud or experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-service and 88% were using Public cloud.

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Cloud Storage is very evolving and prime change in Business. It is making Business environments easy and breezy, routing towards productivity. People are running their applications on Cloud, without restrictions of System updates, OS limitations. This maintains the productive timings, without any downtime, with 100% Uptime.

Gaming from being just entertainment has become now addiction and part of human life. Cloud is playing very vital role in the Gaming industry, where players from any corner can connect and play. Offers of gaming, version updates are easily pushed to the connected devices. This all has been put to an ease, only with the change introduced to us by Cloud computing.

Your mobile apps are using cloud technology for storing your updates and processing it as per your requirements. With more and more efficient Internet technologies, use of this disruptive technology is grooming to grow. Mobile phones are upgrading every day as stated earlier; your complete computer will fit in that 5 some inches in future.

Nanotechnology and IC technologies are finding their lead towards more and more small chips and storage. Time is, when you can carry your system in your pocket having personal storage of TBs and much more just at one access, in form of Cloud. How cool is that now? You can carry your complete business data along with you with just one ‘5 some inches’ and can access it from anywhere, anytime and with any device.


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  1. Cloud is playing an essential part in guaranteeing employees are stayed in touch-working practices have been changed as the cloud permits new and more effective forms of collaboration.The technology is no more a 'nice-to-have',however is a basic piece of any organization's infrastructure.We're seeing more businesses depending on mobile devices as the time of 'office working' gradually attracts to a nearby.@Rachel Wood.

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