Corporate features and benefits of vertical scaling with eNlight cloud!

Horizontal vs vertical scaling

Corporate features and benefits of vertical scaling with eNlight cloud!

Cloud assists with auto scalability feature. Scalability in simple words is an ability of a system or a component, with which it can easily modify itself to attain solutions for some issues, like to maintain the system performance, by scaling automatically in increasing traffic and demands, is scalability. This feature is provided by very few leading Cloud service providers.

What is scaling now?

Many would already know concept of scaling and need to require its answer, for those who are less aware or confused about its concept, advantages and features, here is the information. Scaling is simply an addition of resources to handle load with great performance.

It can be attained with two types: Horizontal and vertical scaling in cloud computing. Let’s get it briefly, aspects of both and how vertical scaling provided by eNlight Cloud of ESDS Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. proves beneficial for businesses with answer to your question, why should I use it?

Horizontal Scaling (Provided by many Cloud service providers)

Horizontal scaling is to assign or release IT resources of the same nature (say servers). Ex. When servers are increased or decreased i.e. assigned or released to the system, system is said to be scaled horizontally. If resources are assigned, it is scale out and when released, it is scale in.

Vertical Scaling (Provided by eNlight Cloud)

Vertical scaling is replacing a present IT resource with another of increased or decreased capacity, memory or storage. Ex. When a server with 500GB disk is replaced by server with 1000GB disk, it is vertical scaling. When capacity is increased, it sis scale up and when capacity is decreased, it is scale down.

Corporate features and benefits of vertical scaling with eNlight

Here are corporate features and benefits of vertical scaling provided by eNlight cloud, which is auto scalable (i.e. it scales itself up or down automatically, depending on the load).

  • Efficient handling of unexpected loads
  • Scales up RAM, CPU, Bandwidth, etc.
  • Live server reboot with eNlight.
  • Effective use of virtualization technology
  • Quick and easy way to scale resources
  • Provides customized configurations
  • Maximum uptime and performance with auto-scalability

All the above features in a mask of corporate benefits are provided by eNlight cloud. You can handle unexpected peaks of traffic in your website or portal easily, actually you really don’t have to handle anything, just relax and get ready for the results with profits, because auto-scalable eNlight cloud does everything for you. It benefits you with not only scale-up and scale-down features, but with many other exciting features to make best out of your investments in it.

Don’t believe it?

Dlink, leading multinational networking equipment Manufacturing Corporation based in Taiwan was searching for high availability of servers and dynamically scalable hosting infrastructure, eNlight facilitated Dlink, cloud servers with high availability, along with real-time scalable resources like RAM and CPU that scale up or down depending upon the load, it was a perfect solution they were seeking.

Still confused?

Poddar international schools, leading educational organization in India having many branches across India 50+ and with 5000+ students, with this big family, traffic for various operations on Poddar was unpredictable, having centralized hosted portal server reliant on internet connectivity for fetching the data from individual schools’ database to hosted portal application. They were facing infrastructural and resource limitations, so were seeking for complete solution to address the capital expenditure and also address the services issues.

After analyzing their problems, ESDS provided them with the solution of carrying consolidated hosted server in DC and eNlight cloud platform provided a stable, flexible and fully auto-scalable platform to manage their traffics and for hosting their applications platform independently.

Features of eNlight

Some of the very efficient features of eNlight are as below:
  • Auto-scalability providing usage scaling
  • Twin benefit of Pay per Consume
  • Flexibility of customization to get perfect cloud for you
  • Complete cloud management
  • Live migration with non-stop service


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