Benefits of using eNlight Cloud Web Hosting

The provisioning of virtual machines and resources for these has been increased dramatically with the introduction of the eNlight cloud, therefore reducing the time that they a business will have to wait to add additional capacity to its IT infrastructure. eNlight users are provided with a web-based control panel through which they can control their entire cloud hosting experience; it is quite normal for a website to require extra resources as it grows and by choosing an eNlight virtual machine, a webmaster can order additional resources when they need them – these resources will be provisioned to the virtual machine immediately upon completion of the order, with no downtime to talk of.

The eNlight platform from ESDS works automatically to provide clients with the best level of service achievable. ESDS has a 24×7 support team that is available to assist you with your cloud hosting service at any time of the day, but all virtual machine and additional resource orders are taken care of by our automated billing and platform system so that you are allocated your order once you have completed the checkout process. ESDS also offers a range of private

eNlight is a form of shared (or public) cloud hosting, a term which means that you are sharing the cloud as a whole with other users. This provides benefits as it means that ESDS will provide you with full support, whilst you can choose between Windows and Linux OS templates for your virtual machines. Shared cloud hosting is an affordable solution and is a good point at which anyone seeking cloud hosting can begin. ESDS also provides a range of private cloud hosting products for businesses with complex requirements – dedicated servers can also be purchased if you are in need of a dedicated hardware solution.

Idle Resources

The issue with existing cloud server platforms is that users are often left with idle resources that they have had to pay before because they could only choose from a set of pre-defined cloud hosting plans, but they have absolutely no need for these resources. Idle resources are a waste of money for cloud clients and for web hosting companies they represent a lack of ability to meet customer’s needs in all respects.

With eNlight cloud hosting you can choose the specific resource allocations that you would like to begin with; as you are charged per unit, you will only be charged for the precise amount of resources that you have purchased and this will put you in a position where you are only paying for what you need. You can then increase the resources allocated to your virtual machines as the demand on your website increases and your virtual machines are put under a greater load so that you have full control over how your servers before and your expenditure at every stage. eNlight also has an auto-scaling feature built-in that you can use to automatically scale the resources of your virtual machines with vertical scaling feature, when they are suffering load spikes, doing so guarantees that your virtual machines will never crash due to lack of resources and you can put a cap on how much you are billed by using this method.

Cloud Server Management

The clustered nature of the cloud makes managing a cloud an easy task for server administrators because all aspects of a single cloud can be managed from a single interface. With the virtual machines in an eNlight cloud being distributed across multiple servers in the cloud in order to provide the highest level of performance obtainable, it is important for server administrators to be able to manage every server in the cloud from a single location to ensure that everything continues to be synchronized and work in harmony. eNlight cloud hosting represents an opportunity to reduce maintenance costs and this is recognized in the prices that we charge for resources with our cloud hosting services; ESDS believes in offering affordable web hosting to all users and eNlight allows us to achieve this in the cloud hosting sector.

As a client using eNlight from ESDS you will have full control over your virtual machines from the comfort of our billing system. Features of your VMs that you will be able to control include:

  • If your virtual machines are stuck in a frozen state, you can start, stop and restart them so that access can then be gained once the SSH service is running again
  • You can order additional resources for your virtual machines so that you can give them a performance boost if necessary.

New features are constantly being added to the eNlight cloud – we will soon be introducing the ability to setup a vLAN between multiple virtual machines so that we can introduce cloud-based load balancing.

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