Cloud Hosting with eNlight for 99.95% Uptime

The cloud is designed to offer a centralized platform on which applications and services can be delivered to any internet-connected devices, compared to standard web hosting plans that are often designed for the hosting of websites and web applications only. eNlight from ESDS is a scalable platform that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of for their corporate hosting needs as you can host as many virtual machines as you require with us and the availability of resources guarantees that you will be able to match your VMs with the resource assignments that you deem as necessary for the stable running of your cloud servers. Scalability isn’t available with other forms of web hosting and with the eNlight cloud it is instant because you can purchase additional CPU power and other resources for your virtual machines and these will be instantly provisioned to your VMs upon completion of your order; if your servers are facing high loads then this puts you in a position where you can remedy the situation immediately by ordering the resources that your server requires in order to keep up with demand.

One of your main intentions for choosing cloud hosting is likely to be the room that you will have for expansion; this is necessary to ensure that you can grow your website to keep visitor numbers growing and to improve the percentage of returning visitors that you receive. The eNlight cloud can assist with this in the following manners:

  • The cloud provides a large centralized pool of resources that can be used to allocate additional capacity to virtual machines when necessary; you can either purchase resources when you need them, or enable auto-scaling (i.e. Vertical and Horizontal Scaling) so that this is done for you when the load on your virtual machines increases
  • A dedicated environment is present that will allow you to install the applications and services necessary to improve the functionality of your website; every so often businesses wish to take advantage of additional modules and services that can be used in addition to the scripting language that has been used during the development of their website and this additional functionality can often yield highly satisfactory results
  • Web-based management is provided for your eNlight virtual machines so that you can control the state of and the resources allocated to them through an intuitive interface that is accessible from any operating system.

Compared to web hosting, the eNlight cloud from ESDS can provide you with a greater level of uptime, which we rate at 99.95% each month. Full support is available 24×7 so that you can have assistance with the setup and configuration of your virtual machines where necessary.

Data Center

eNlight Cloud Hosting In India from ESDS is hosted out of our data center located in Nashik. This state of the art facility is a Tier 3 location and makes use of the latest technologies to provide one of the most secure and modern hosting environments available. The eNlight SLA details that all hardware is covered by a 99.95% uptime guarantee and we aim to meet this using a number of methods, including a network that is based entirely around Cisco networking equipment because of its notable reliability and using high-specification HP and Dell servers to form our eNlight hosting cluster. The ESDS facility utilizes the following features to provide a secure and reliable environment for our customers:

  • All data floors require biometric access so that only authorized employees of ESDS are able to get anywhere near the hardware that powers our network and data center; furthermore, all server and hardware racks are locked and require a key for access
  • Our entire network is monitored around the clock by our 24×7 support from the on-site NOC because this allows engineers to reach equipment quickly if there is an issue that requires hands-on work as opposed to a solution that can be worked on remotely
  • Redundant power feeds and backup supplies in the form of diesel generators and UPS batteries so that if the primary DC power supply does fail, hardware in the data center will still function as normal until the primary power feed is restored.

ESDS offers a range of shared cloud, private cloud and dedicated hosting solutions from our data center. For businesses with more complex requirements then we are also able to offer co-location services that are also supported by on-site staff around the clock.

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