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Cloud Orchestration Platform eNlight 360°

Management of a cloud infrastructure becomes a tiresome challenge for in-house IT staff when massive IaaS and PaaS deployments take place on the cloud. Using programming to manage the interconnectivity and communication between workloads on public cloud and private cloud infrastructure is known as Cloud Orchestration. Cloud Orchestration solutions are designed to create a cohesive workflow… Read More »


The Shift in Cloud Scalability

eNlight Cloud’s Vertical Autoscaling is bringing about a Great Shift in cloud scalability!   If you google search the term ‘cloud’ you shall get fewer number of links to natural clouds in your search results. Technology evolves from the necessity of finding better solutions to problems, and the shift from traditional IT to Cloud has… Read More »


Corporate features and benefits of vertical scaling with eNlight cloud!

Corporate features and benefits of vertical scaling with eNlight cloud! Cloud assists with auto scalability feature. Scalability in simple words is an ability of a system or a component, with which it can easily modify itself to attain solutions for some issues, like to maintain the system performance, by scaling automatically in increasing traffic and… Read More »


Opportunities and Challenges involved in Cloud Computing!

Pitch of cloud has been lately evolved to peaks. In coming years, cloud will acquire entirely new aspect. According to the Google trends, searches for ‘CLOUD’ are growing. Even though, in some business environments, comprehensive awareness about Cloud computing is mislaid. Cloud can be adopted by any size of businesses. Although, it has certain challenges… Read More »