Opportunities and Challenges involved in Cloud Computing!

Opportunities and Challenges involved in Cloud Computing!

Pitch of cloud has been lately evolved to peaks. In coming years, cloud will acquire entirely new aspect. According to the Google trends, searches for ‘CLOUD’ are growing. Even though, in some business environments, comprehensive awareness about Cloud computing is mislaid.

Cloud can be adopted by any size of businesses. Although, it has certain challenges to bloom effectively, to fit in all sorts. Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s opportunities, as we say. Few important factors involved in cloud computing to make it more effective can be as below:

Availability is the key feature for selection of any cloud hosting service. It is degree of ability of a system to operate, i.e. to generate timely responses for the respective requests. It replicates the need of storage and servers. High availability is an important factor for modern cloud based applications and devices. It is a challenge for maintaining availability of a system by balancing the offset between other system parameters.

Scalability along with high availability is key factor in cloud hosting services; cloud should be auto scalable i.e. must support vertical and horizontal scaling, is the requirement of the day. However, this does not help in improving availability of the system. It’s important to maintain the tradeoff between availability and scalability in cloud computing.

Elasticity is the art of balancing load with cloud computing in real time. When the load is increasing, it must have ability to grow and with decreasing load, ability to shrink. It is important to maintain offset between scalability and elasticity.

For advancements in Cloud computing, different approaches are taken by cloud companies to stand out. This brings new challenges in catering valued services for clients. With latest research, cloud is adopted by varied sectors. It has catered sectors like Health care, Hospitality, Communications, Entertainment, eCommerce, Universities, etc.

Below are few extents where Cloud is budding with virtuous opportunities.

Heaps of data with lots of inequalities exists, in order to process and store this data first it must be organized, this prompts to data analysis, and then arises data processing and storage. In order to provide efficient data management as a service, system must be scalable and elastic.

Health Care organizations are widely adopting Cloud computing services providing with a significant level of comfort in organizational operations. This prompts to effective monitoring of sections with optimum resource utilization. Health care sectors need to carry large data, to which cloud computing provides very cost and resource efficient means of storage, process and access. Security threat is a vital challenge as Health care organizations carry very sensitive

Cloud has stepped in Hospitality fields these days. Hotels have to cart managing of the complete systems efficiently with lots of data as a result, to which management tries to fetch much secured, efficient and cost effective way for management. Cloud provides with very elastic and scalable utilization of resources in Hospitalization.

This just not ends up an opportunities and challenges associated with Cloud, It has raged so immensely in varied of application fields that one cannot cover up the whole stuff altogether. This is just tint of it; things are predicted to be much more colossal in coming days.

We can say, the day is not far when the earth will be covered with clouds.

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