EMBED WITH A TRENDING ‘INNOVATION IN CLOUD’.There won’t be any soul in IT zone, which has not caught up anything allied with clouds. What is cloud? I am sure all of us, who heard very first about clouds (not the one, which we get, showers from) would have asked this question, isn’t it? Let me brief you about cloud/ cloud technology/ cloud computing. Cloud computing is a virtual network where one can store data, process data, and access data as in hard disks, it includes Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service, Application as a service.

Cloud technology has lately touched altitudes in terms of providing cloud services in various business sectors and it is going to headway more in upcoming years. Clouds are classified as Private, Public and (mixture of both) Hybrid Clouds; and this does not put to an end in its range, many cloud service providers are heading towards customization of clouds for Business integration.

More or the less every cloud service providing company, delivers public and private cloud services also cloud customization with accords to the necessity of businesses. Private cloud is a cloud infrastructure functioned exclusively for one organization. Public cloud is a network with services that is open for public use, it can be free. Hybrid cloud is a composition of two or more clouds (Private or Public).

Its phase of ‘pay per’, we see pay per second in mobile services, pay per click in online advertising, pay per hour in cyber cafes, pay per dish, ride, movie, etc. and now ‘pay per consume’ in cloud computing, isn’t it sound good? Yes! Why to pay extra if you are consuming very less than what you are paying for it? Many cloud providers in India like Google, eNlight from ESDS, etc. are providing pay per consume service, which is a service efficient innovation in cloud services providing elastic cloud service. eNlight cloud provides scalability, pay per consume, cloud management, flexibility for clients very efficiently along with Exuberant Support.

Briefing all advantages, you get a complete customized solution provider for your cloud. You can save your unnecessary expenses spent on unused span of services and gain significant productivity in your Business!

Vaishnavi Kulkarni
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