Innovation And Research Through Science, Mathematics and Technology – The Need of Today’s IT Industry

science-mathematics-technology-information-technology“Focusing on the Research and Development of highly innovative ideas and the solutions designed from such innovations is what will help the IT companies in today’s world to succeed”, said Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Renowned Scientist and IT Leader of India, during the inauguration of extended Data center of ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd in Nashik.

During his speech, Dr. Bhatkar highlighted the exponential growth of Indian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry over the last two decades, from 100 crores in 1976 to a whopping 8 Lac Crores this year. He further added that the ICT industry currently contributes around 10% of the total national income, which is expected to grow to 25% by the year 2020-25. India has been providing great services to the world, but the time has now come to develop innovative products like the eNlight Cloud, eMagic and the Cross-platform Disaster Recovery solution and start competing with the world. The IT industry was expected to grow beyond the major IT hubs like Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc. but the growth hasn’t reached smaller cities of India, and in this context, the success of ESDS is ground breaking and pioneering. ESDS has shown to the world that innovative products can be developed by smaller teams through dedication, innovation and hard work. The Indian IT industry should expand outside India through acquisitions and that’s what ESDS has done, which is another major achievement. He cited that we are in the Age of Innovation and one innovation can create wealth equivalent to a Nation’s wealth. There are very few organizations in IT today that have a major focus on R&D, and hence Dr. Bhatkar felt that organizations like ESDS stand a very good chance of collaborating with government agencies to further increase the benefits of innovations in IT.

ESDS has been providing hosting and data center services to companies across the globe, which is a result of consistency, sincere efforts and innovation. With a modest team of around 30 research and development professionals, ESDS has been at the forefront of innovations since its inception through its offerings like Managed Hosting services, Managed Datacenter, Virtualization, eNlight Cloud followed by the launch of eMagic and Cross-platform DR solution yesterday.

Development of eNlight was an important milestone in the Cloud Computing industry, and so is the launch of eMagic and Cross-platform DR solution. Dr. Bhatkar mentioned that managing various components of a data center and its overall operations is a highly complex task where several organizations are hosting their solutions, systems, business portals in the datacenter, which needs to be managed extremely efficiently to ensure uptime. He congratulated ESDS for focusing on R&D to develop innovative products, which he felt is the need of today’s IT industry. Speaking about the difficulties in Cross-platform DR implementations, he acclaimed and congratulated the ESDS team for inventing such a wonderful solution.

Emphasizing on various versions of supercomputers created by C-DAC and the computing power in PetaFLOPs, exaFLOPS, he explained the importance of these supercomputers in weather forecasting, various scientific, seismic and space calculations. He also recommended that the government agencies and private organizations should come together to create even powerful supercomputers which can do very high volumes of mathematical operations per second. He also mentioned that the infrastructure available at ESDS datacenter can possibly be used as an extension of these supercomputers for mission critical problem solving, satellite image processing, space vehicle launch calculations like Chandrayaan, locating oil reservoirs, designing new cars, reverse-engineering the brain etc.

ESDS has shown the way to the world and has a long way to go for competing with global organizations through innovations and sustained efforts and Dr. Bhatkar indicated that ESDS has the resources and zeal to be able to do so.

Mr Piyush Somani, MD & CEO, ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd, provided an overview of the two products that were launched during this event. He said, “The offerings launched today are aimed at further extending services to our end customers and client organizations. eMagic consists of algorithm to tackle malware and hacking attempts, which is hard to find in the popular data center management suits in the market. The cross-platform DR solution based on eNlight Cloud alleviates the need to have exactly similar hardware at the DR site, which results in huge savings, further enhanced by the inherent features of eNlight like auto-scaling, pay-as-you-consume, scaling without reboot etc.” The sustained efforts and dedication of ESDS employees extends their efforts tenfold ensuring that ESDS continues to enlighten the world with innovative products every year.

The teams behind development of eMagic and Cross-platform DR, which included Mr. Narendra Bhole, Mr. Anil Chandaliya, Mr. Vivek Kharpude, Mr. Vikash Kumar, Mr. Pravin Sonawane were felicitated by the hands of Dr. Bhatkar. The winners of “CSI Young IT Professional” award, Mr. Rushikesh Jadhav and Mr. Hussain Dahodwala were also felicitated on this occasion.


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