Innovation: A Recipe that’s Hard to Digest? Why Complicate!

innovationThe word innovation is trendy, heard in different places and with quite varied concept and application. Most associates only with technology innovation, a misconception. For an idea to be successful it need not necessarily be tied to large investments and latest technology, quite the contrary.

Note that simple ideas are generally well accepted by the market, customers increasingly value products and unique processes. See that among several possibilities to innovate can relate aspects that make all the difference, for example, adaptation to new markets, new business models, new processes and organizational methods and even new sources of supply.

It must be clear that innovation is nothing more than any action that causes a significant impact on the structure of the company / business. A product that is already on the market can go through a process of innovation and generate new values and perception of the brand / product. The first step is to understand that innovation is not always necessary to have a revolutionary idea.

A business model can also be innovative. When a company works with an ideology, services and products image are valued and even imitated the market. We must invest in originality. Good ideas are those that solve problems, change concepts and to “create” the need for consumer customers.

You can ask Good entrepreneurs “Is it important to innovate?”, and the answer is simple. In addition to generating competitive advantages in the medium and long term, innovation is the ability to add value to the products / services of a company and differentiates them in the market that is highly competitive.

In general, companies are at the center of innovation. It is through them that the technologies, inventions, products, finally, ideas come to market. Currently the country’s large companies have entire areas dedicated to innovation, with research and development laboratories.

Hence it is also important to invest in and conducting research at universities, research centers, organizations, development agencies and startup. Sometimes good ideas and projects need a helping hand to get off the ground.

A tip for those who want to innovate, look inside! Analyze your business (if it already exists) or have in mind a clear and objective way where you want to get your idea / project. From the moment you know your limitations, possibilities, flaws and strengths, you will be able to propose changes more safely, besides being much more likely to be successful by knowing reality in fact you want to change.

Think about it, do not expect to have money left over or a sensational idea, start with simple ideas and innovative practices. When you understand the process of innovation that has already become a part of your routine and business, will give you good results ever, more daring and significant changes.

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