Optimized WAN and Cloud-Gauging the impact on Performance

Optimized WAN and Cloud-Gauging the impact on PerformanceOptimized WAN and Cloud-Gauging the impact on Performance

WAN Optimization is as such, quite hoary technique utilized in many areas of communications to gain efficiency in data flow and it has been fruitfully providing expected outcomes. According to Gartner’s prediction WAN optimization market in 2015 is expected to be a $1.1 billion market. We lately have been talking lot about cloud computing and its advantages. You must know that WAN optimization can benefit the cloud performance in very efficient way. Yes it can! Let’s see how?

Foremost question can be that, what exactly is WAN Optimization?

Well! WAN Optimization is also called as WAN acceleration. It is a kind of technology used in Wide-Area-Network (WAN) for efficient data transfer. It can include combinations of technologies for implementation. Very common WAN topologies are Branch to Headquarters and Data Center to Data Center infrastructure.

Where to and what for use WAN Optimization?

It is used for Corporate applications like emailing, CMS, database application, etc. Bandwidth utilization depends on the distance between paths of transmission or data flow hence; WAN optimization is needed to utilize bandwidth in efficient way for resourceful data flow. We can get significant throughput with use of this optimization technique. Few techniques involved in this are Compression, Flow shaping, Bandwidth managing as said above, caching, etc.

What sort of benefits I can get with use of WAN optimization?

We have already overviewed techniques involved with this optimization; they all result in very noteworthy benefits like:

  • Increase in accessibility due to caching technique to reduce bandwidth when data is monotonous.
  • Provides WAN optimization as a service for managed Cloud
  • Increases performance due to proper utilization of Bandwidth for priority applications.
  • Significant cost saving due to bandwidth utilization, compression and caching features.
  • Increases Network reliability.

How it relates to enterprise cloud?

Bandwidth is playing a very prime role in Cloud computing, may it be Private cloud or Public cloud. Cloud enables IaaS, PaaS and SaaS and to leverage benefits of optimization WAN optimization as a service is put frontward. Where Cloud can leverage all features of WAN optimization and can manage Bandwidth effectively.

Benefits of WAN optimization in Enterprise cloud?

Cloud being a Network enabled virtually, using internet, resembles with wide area network. Cloud enables communication at distance like email hosting in cloud, we can say. Ultimately what I want to brief is, all benefits of WAN optimization are leveraged with enterprise cloud computing.

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