FINANCIAL-AND-OPERATIONAL-BENEFITS-OF-CLOUD-COMPUTINGIn today’s world, both domestic and foreign companies began to use cloud computing in its operations. The benefits of such calculations are obvious, and their correct application allows for a fresh look at the use of advanced technologies and their invaluable benefit. The most obvious strategic advantages can be seen by considering aspects such organizations as the finance and operations.

The Financial Benefits Of Cloud Computing

The undeniable advantages of cloud computing is to significantly reduce capital investment. Organization in the process of implementing its activities virtualization technology that uses in-house cloud computing, saving investments by eliminating the additional server hardware and increasing computing power. When a company uses the computing power of external providers of cloud computing , the cost of capital is minimized, the cost focus almost exclusively on operating costs. From this, we can understand that any company can effectively manage costs.

Operational Advantages Of Cloud Computing

Each company introduced the technology cloud computing, is able to simplify the management of the technical structure, abandoning the use of complex and expensive hardware, which leads to cost savings. When using cloud platforms outside vendors, the timing of IT-projects repeatedly reduced, and technical support with cloud solutions can be reduced to a minimum. Providers of cloud solutions offer specially designed tools, including specialized platforms and ready-designed solutions for the major lines of business. In addition, tools are provided to optimize capacity utilization and the ability of vertical and horizontal¬†scaling of applications. Scaling the business of the companies using cloud computing in India allows you to quickly ramp up computing power based on customer requirements. Upon completion of work, when they are not absolutely necessary, power down, which allows efficient use of the company’s budget.


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