Managing IT Infrastructure: No Secrets

Companies of all sizes have drawbacks in the management of IT infrastructures, slow dedicated server, virus attacks, illegal software etc.. But as everything has got a solution, I list some of the most common problems and their solutions. Through the use of remote management software, problems are solved in the blink of an eye.

1. “I spend too much time managing the machines”

Problem: Going from machine to machine is inefficient. A proactive and preventative approach increases the efficiency, performance and availability.
Solution: With the management software, eliminating problems before they happen, ensuring that all systems are updated regularly.

2. “I have no idea what is installed on my machine”

Problem: This exposes the organization to serious risks. Unlicensed software processes generate, fines and damage security and network performance and provide virus attacks.
Solution: Some softwares automatically audit and manage infrastructure. With them, you know what is being used, what is not used, what is safe and what is vulnerable, you can uninstall components and upgrade the legal softwares.

3. “Doing more with less is it possible?

Problem: Some say no, others that it is a myth. But pressure is no doubt felt to reduce costs at the same time as responsibilities increase.
Solution: By themselves, the management softwares improve the efficiency, performance and reduce risks.

4. “I have to tell users to go and drink coffee while working on their computer”

Problem: Time is money, and time it takes to audit a user’s computer, the company loses money. But there’s nothing you can do. Two people cannot use a computer at the same time, can they?
Solution: With the management software they can. The maintenance is done remotely, while the user works on the computer.

5. “I cannot let new employees work without a computer”

Problem: New hires need a computer, user name, e-mail and access to the applications needed to work.
Solution: The management software creates profiles of pre-users to use them for new users, ensuring that they have access to the tools and information needed from the first day of work.

6. “They love IT and are in place”

Problem: Every guy who likes to study IT and computer science thinks that you can conduct your backups, install patches, update antivirus software and pass. Stop, please. IT maintenance is a serious business.
Solution: With the management software, an administrator monitors, backs, blocks illegal downloads, protects systems and standardizes the maintenance of the entire network remotely.

7. “Security and remote backup are problems”

Problem: Users are increasingly around the world, as well as IT infrastructure. Remote workstations, servers and mobile devices need to backup and security.
Solution: As the distributed architecture is very vulnerable, the management software centralizes the maintenance of data protection and security strategies, performing backups according to demand or automatically.

8. “My boss does not understand IT”

Problem: Decision-makers do not always understand IT, which leads to misunderstandings and lost opportunities. So the work of the team should always be reported in detail.
Solution: The software produces reports at any point of time. Easy to read, they report on the current situation, future needs and the importance of IT to business.

Some data show the points raised:

Over 40% of the time spent in the pursuit of problem solving is spent on analysis rather than on resolution. (Internet Data Center)
75% of a typical IT budget is spent on management of simple problems. (Forrester)
75% of all corporate PCs are infected with some kind of malware. (Enterprise Networks & Servers)

Managing IT infrastructure has to be a thankless job that requires overtime. Adoption of remote management software enables companies to manage IT assets quickly and efficiently, increasing productivity and annual revenue.


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