Technical Organization of Server Hosting

There are six things that underpin any hosting provider: Server, Control Panel, Domains, Accounts, Support, Legal Organization. Now I will tell you the main options.

Four options:

Reselling – Cheap, no need to deal with configuring the server. But you are dependent on the upstream host more than in other cases. Everywhere, except cPanel cannot create sub-resellers (I do not envy these clients).

VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server– You need to deal with configuring the server, full freedom to choose how and what to do. If something will break, will have to correct ourselves. In addition, there is little dependence on the owner of VDS-node.

Dedicated Server Rental – Same advantages as for the VDS, but if something goes wrong, you cannot reload or quickly rearrange. Sometimes, however, provide a reboot-panel. The cost depends heavily on the country.

Dedicated Server Colocation
– Virtually the same as the previous one, but cheaper fee per month, you can quickly pick up and put in another place.

Just need to make a selection panel.

cPanel – The Monster, there are many functions that have cast a lot and sometimes make little sense. Expensive, requires 512 MB of RAM for VDS. If the client finds it a more or less convenient, it requires the administrator and reseller every time to search function. Not bad for working over SSH.

DirectAdmin – Looks good, functions conveniently and logically structured. Do not have all the functions supported by cpanel and slightly fewer billing panel.

The panel is better to take from one who has place a server, because the internal licensed much cheaper.


Sooner or later the client wants to register you with the hosting domain. There are many registrars who offer reseller program. Now the situation has changed, so I cannot say anything.


There are several systems, but my favorite is:

WHMCS – Great stuff, but expensive. If you do not think about high price – you can take.


  • E-mail – simple, cheap, uncomfortable.
  • Ticket – Support that will process incoming messages and convert them into tickets, which may respond to any employee. There are free and paid, as some write a review. Some have built-in billing.
  • Live-chat – employee sits in a web application or program for computer. When a customer clicks on the site, he may consult with the employee. On serious issues still usually sent by e-mail.

Form of business

Legal entity with a license – Expensive and painful way. The server should only be Dedicated and only in India. You also need to draw up a communication center. Taken together, takes about six months and 100 thousand in the firm.

Under the contract – may conclude a partnership agreement with larger firm. They have a license, and you sell their hosting. So I was not interested, frankly, so cannot say anything.

Here, it seems, is all.


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