cPanel or Plesk: Advantages And Disadvantages To Consider When Choosing The Control Panel

The web developer generally knows and is familiar with the variety of hosting control panels. Control Panels, accordingly, are web-based platform which aims to simplify the process of managing a server, usually showing setup options via a graphical user interface easy to use. There are many options available, in fact, but the cPanel and Plesk are the best known.

cPanel was developed and first launched in mid-1990, which gives this control panel the experience of more than a decade of use. In recent years, it has become the preferred choice of most hosting services in the world and can be installed on Unix-based operating environments such as Linux distributions Red Hat or CentOS. Plesk, in turn, arose in the early 2000s, with the difference that support Windows and Linux servers.

The most notable advantage of cPanel is the number of users worldwide. Thus, it is very easy to find solutions to problems, tips and advice from other users, not counting the large number of blogs and forums devoted to the topic. Many prefer cPanel simply because it is easy to use. Many consider its user interface easier to use than Plesk or other control panel. CPanel also has a very short learning curve, which means that even a person who has never used web hosting will easily find the functions that demand.

The most evident advantage of Plesk is that it supports multiple operating systems. This makes it particularly attractive for users of Windows-based server solutions. As a hosting company, this enables you to reach different customer profiles to be able to support different operating systems. Another advantage is the price of the license, which is generally cheaper than cPanel. Some consider that also deals better with Plesk automation and management of multiple servers.

When looking for (or offer) a dedicated hosting service, the control panel used to be considered an important factor in their decision. The control panels are designed to help reduce the difficulty of performing routine tasks in the maintenance of a server or shared hosting account. If the panel is very difficult to use, or you simply do not like or do not suit him, so maybe change is a good choice for a plan with a more appropriate panel, or even learn to manage servers through a remote login (if you have access root).


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  1. Mark Harmon

    Great tips. There is a variety of control software's are available, but cPanel is the best because I think anyone can easily manage servers using cPanel. This feature is the biggest advantage.

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