Best FTP Software – File Transfer Protocol

FTP software facilitates fast and secure transfers of files, especially large or complex files like images, video or private (encrypted) files. Transferring large image files through email is cumbersome and moving medical files electronically requires HIPPA compliance, FTP software speeds up large transfers and employs HIPPA compliant security protocols.

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is commonly used by designers, photographers and other types of creatives to transfer large files between servers. Since WebDAM fully support FTP transfer as one method of uploading to your online digital asset management system.

Here are some of the best FTP softwares

FETCH SOFTWORKS: Fetch is a full-featured file transfer client exclusively for Mac users. Fetch supports both FTP and sFTP file transfer protocols to ensure compatibility with most internet providers, web-hosting companies, publishers, and more. The Droplet shortcuts and Dashboard widgets make it easy to upload files and track the progress of the upload through the user friendly interface.

Filezilla: It is the popular and free FTP software available for all major operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux and Mac, the latest stable version of Filezilla is 3.3.2 and is available for free download.

Direct FTP: Direct FTP provides an easy to use FTP client but is so much more than the traditional FTP software. This package also provides a complete web development toolbox by allowing you to perform last minute changes, file previews, file organization, easy to configure backups, and a built-in web editor. The web editor works with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more.

FLASH FXP: For Windows users, FlashFXP may just be what you are looking for. Make file transfers easier with FlashFXP as it allows you to transfer files between other local computers running a FTP server, via the Internet, or between two servers using site-to-site transfers. Some of the benefits of FlashFXP include the multi-language support, internal text editor for quick edits, internal schedule and site states to keep track of all uploads as well as downloads among many other features. FlashFXP makes this FTP solution simple to use through the FTP only and FXP views, advances queue control, enhanced drag and drop functionality and the folder bookmarks.

Core FTP: Core FTP represents a free FTP program dedicated to offering Windows users the possibility to update and maintain their website via FTP in a fast, easy, reliable way. In addition, the tool ensures a secure method for uploading or downloading files to and from one FTP server to another (thanks to the integrated support for SSL, TLS, or SFTP).

One of the main reasons why users are so capable of managing their online presence today is the possibility to perform real-time file transfers between their local computers and remote host servers over the Internet. Using the growing capabilities of the FTP software tools available online, users are just a drag-and-drop action away from moving their website copy to a host server of their choice to get it going online.


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