What is cPanel DNS and What is its Purpose?

If you are one of those who think only of increasing the number of visits for websites, improve the SEO techniques and get greater visibility and availability for the web pages, know that this article will be useful for you and for the people who use cPanel as control panel and wish to have differential in their services.

The story begins when you realize that for some unknown or illogical reason, you begin to lose the site visitation, are poorly positioned in search engines and consequently, it is recorded as a loss. What few know (or ignore) is that to have an intention to achieve good placement on search sites like Google, or to increase the number of visitors through search engine optimization  techniques, you must have your site hosted on a provider that promotes some adjustments, and this post will give emphasis to RFC 2182.

It’s no good having your page on sites sharing links, achieving many references, have a plan of SEO and your site is not available, even when you think it is. It turns out that when your site is hosted on servers where the DNS server is on the same machine, i.e., all services run within the same server, there are several flaws that make many Internet users (and search engines that index your pages) does not locate your site, taking it out of existence and not as available (if this is the case).

According to RFC 2182, we transcribe the following:

Read the RFC for any technical content as to why you should never have two name servers on the same server. If you do not understand the technical implications and the reasons for the research, we suggest reading more. If you’re not worried about the potential loss of e-mail, reduced their position in the ranking of search engines, or loss of domains hosted visits due to being reported as missing, rather than just temporarily inaccessible during a prolonged downtime, simply ignore the fact of not having an external secondary DNS server.

The right then is to have two DNS servers geographically separated (or at least in class from different IPs on different machines) to host all areas cpanel dns servers, whether or not retailers. An external server already solves many problems, or keep the default DNS server of your embiente and one external.

Soon we realize that if you are not following this recommendation, is putting the access to the sites of its users at risk.

It is easy to solve this issue by implementing a VPS cPanel DNS and making adjustments in interconnection of this function.

Virtualization Infrastructure – A Full-Scale IT Systems

Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) solves the problems associated with fragmented existing solutions, which greatly complicate the implementation of virtual desktops. In addition, new infrastructure extends the virtualization capabilities of traditional desktop systems for handling multimedia data, and video.

According to analysts, Desktop virtualization can reduce costs in support of personal computers by 51 percent (per user) in that the proportion of this expenditure in IT budgets, coupled with a PC is 67 percent. Virtual desktops also help to protect corporate intellectual property by placing the information on the physical user devices, and in the data center hosting.

In this case, end users will be able to access their virtual computer. All of these advantages, coupled with improved productivity and business agility through multimedia and video applications increase the value of network solutions for end users and companies.

In addition to flexible support of multimedia, the solution can provide compatibility with a wide range of user devices and access methods, giving users the freedom to choose flexible depending on the business requirements or specific application.

The leaders of information technology and business recognize the great advantages of desktop virtualization. Implementing a parallel information-technology infrastructure to support virtual machines can allows you to use legacy systems by consolidating data center solutions for collaboration and network architectures in a single system.


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