Influence Of Servers And Hosts In SEO

Have you ever thought that in addition to keywords, links and Google, the work of SEO can also be affected by servers and hosts that you choose for your website?

Let’s see how it works.

At first, web servers and hosts are not a concern, but they can cause real problems and deserve attention. There are some problems that can affect a site’s ranking in search engines:

Server Hosting Timeouts: If a search engine is passing requests to a page and this request is not met because of server timeout, certainly the SERPs do not go to the page ( search results pages) and will have a bad ranking, because no content was found.

Speed ??: Not as bad as the server timeouts, but it is a problem. As mentioned, the crawlers do not have patience, if a page takes to load, it gives up. But this is a major problem for users, who will not wait forever to load a page and go away.

Shared IP Address: Here is a somewhat controversial point, but some SEOs believe that this is a problem. The point is that if your site is the neighborhood spammer or low quality, it could lower the confidence and credibility of your site. Also, direct links to let users IP lost.

IP blocked: The processing of web pages, the crawlers can block a specific IP address or address range instead of blocking a site specifically. MSN / Live you can check which sites share the same IP doing the search: “IP: a-ip-address”.

Recognition of bots: To protect the contents of the site, you can restrict the number of requests to a page within a certain time. Care is needed when determining this site.

Bandwidth / Transfer Limit: Many servers limit the amount of transfer that a site can have. This may eventually take down a site if any content becomes very popular and the site receives many visitors. With the site down, no people, no crawlers will be able to access the site.

Geo-server: This is not a problem, but a recommendation of good practice. The search engines use, too, the server location – location of the site , so – to determine the relevance of a response to a search, considering the factor of local search. As the local search ends up being the goal of many sites, or offer products / services to a region or country, it is recommended to host the site in the country where the targeted visitors are.

So as not to have your work SEO hindered by issues far more than off-page external links, it is worth choosing the server of your site carefully.


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