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Let us assume that you downloaded the ready server. Satisfied unpacked the archive, and then came the question, what to do next?

There are 2 ways to start a ready server. Simple, but it consumes more system resources, and complex, the server starts in console mode, which is correspondingly less, “eats” your system resources. We look at both.

First things first:

I method. (Easy)

1) Download ready server CS 1.6 or CS: SOURCE

2) Extract the archive to where you installed the smuggling into the folder \ cstrike (Example: D: \ Games \ Counter-strike \ cstrike)

3) Set up amhh for themselves, make yourself an administrator. (All this can read in our articles)

4) Run your server. Done so, go to the root folder of your Counter-Strike. (Example: D: \ Games \ Counter-strike) find there hlds.exe file and run it. This window appears:

Set up:

Game – Choose Counter-Strike

Server name – The name of your server

Map – Choose a card

Network – Select the type of server LAN \ INTERNET. (Lan – LAN, Internet – that’s obvious)

Max. Players – Select the maximum number of players on the server.

UDP Port – server port (27015, 27016, etc.)

RCON Password – RCON password server

Click Start Server

Congratulations to the server is running

Now we turn to the window with the server (not close but it turn off) go to the cs, recruit connect IP server. Voila, congratulations! You are on your own server, call your friends and start a battle))

II method (Advanced)

start the server in console mode via the so-called “Batch file”:

First, similarly to the first way we go into the root folder of your Counter-Strike (for example: D: \ Games \ Counter-strike). Create a text file there, for example, hlds.txt. Open it and put this in the commands run the server as follows:

start / MIN / HIGH hlds.exe

Now, consider in more detail what it means to each of the items:

start – command to run the program. In this case, the program hlds.exe.

/ MIN – minimize the window server immediately after running (it is convenient not to curtail it yourself). If you do not need to minimize the window, then simply remove this option from the batch file.

/ HIGH – sets a high priority on hlds.exe. Necessary to prescribe mandatory.

Next come the launch options. Consider them:

-Console – Starts the server in console mode.

-Game cstrike – indicates under what game will be running the server.

ip – specifies the IP, which will launch your server. Indicate this on their external allocated IP, if you want to create a web server.

port – specifies the port on which to run the server. Eg 27015, 27016, 27017, etc.

map – specifies the card, buyout will be launched at server startup.

maxplayers – specifies the maximum number of players on the server.

sv_lan 0 – if you create an Internet server, to avoid error “LAN Games Restricted to Class C Clients” need to add this option.

-Insecure – disable VAC2.

-Secure – includes VAC2.

-Nomaster – off the WON server registration, simply put, if you specify this option, you can not find your server in the Find Servers.

-Master – WON, respectively, includes the registration server.

rcon_password – sets the RCON password.

-Noipx – disables protocol IPX.

As a result of all this pain you have in your hlds.txt get something like this:

start / MIN / HIGH hlds.exe-console-game cstrike ip 144.144.144. 144 port 27015 map de_dust2 maxplayers 12-noipx sv_lan 0-secure rcon_password glgl-master

After this, keep all small difference in hlds.txt file and rename it to hlds.bat. When renaming you get a warning: “After changing the extension, the file may become unusable. Do you really want to change it?“. Feel free to click “Yes”. Then simply run the file hlds.bat and you have a console window:

All you’re running a server. To control them simply enter the command line you need the command without a prefix rcon, because You control the server not remotely, but directly.

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