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SERVERLESS ARCHITECTURE – The Next Big Thing in the Cloud Industry

So, let’s start by understanding what serverless architecture is? Originally, serverless architecture meant, the applications which depend on the services of the cloud given by third-parties. They used to manage the server state and logic. Besides, a parallel term – Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) came into focus. MBaaS is a model of cloud… Read More »


Cloud Trends – A Look Back at 2018 and What’s Ahead for 2019

Cloud computing industry is surpassing newer levels of achievements every year and making some new records. It has made it loud and clear that it is going to stay and there are no two ways about it. A prediction of Gartner Research says that 80% of the businesses will shutter down their traditional data centers… Read More »


ESDS – Collocation Hosting with KVMoIP Access

A majority of colocation providers will limit you to accessing the servers that you have hosted with them through Remote Desktop or SSH only and this can introduce issues for server administrators that require greater control of their server, such as the BIOS configuration. ESDS provides colocation solutions that offer KVMoIP access so that you… Read More »


Virtual Networks and Security Challenges

The sector recorded a real race for the virtualization of data centers and server hosting, in the wake of technological and economic advantages it can offer. The companies, however, should be conscious of the risk arising from plunging too quickly into cloud computing services, since virtual environments have many implications of compliance and safety. Without… Read More »


Beyond Virtualization: The problems with Data Centers

If we had said this a few years ago, it might not be so believable, but virtualization technology has become widespread, almost essential in many contexts. I believe that automation of systems is essential today, more with the servers that provide cloud computing services: the number of machines in data centers continues to increase, so… Read More »


Types Of Hidden Costs For Public Cloud

Public clouds become revolutionary innovation in IT which is not just for small and medium-sized businesses. At the moment, most companies are experimenting with public clouds as a resource for development and testing or for production applications with low requirements for security, protection of personal data and service levels. It is believed that large companies… Read More »


Differences Between Linux and Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Until a few years ago, the Linux and Windows server hosting services were radically different. Today’s systems platform compatibility of the companies hosting these differences will reduce dramatically. The way to access the server is one of the main differences between the two types of services. Both allow access via FTP, a protocol for transferring… Read More »