ESDS – IPs on a Dedicated Server

IP addresses form the basis of the internet as they are the basis on which all network-connected hardware communicates. When you type a domain name into your web browser, a request is made to identify the name servers for that domain; the name servers are then queried based on what is trying to be accessed, with the name servers, then returns to the relevant IP address of the domain. In the context of web hosting, a dedicated IP address carries many benefits for webmasters and is a worthy investment for any website owner who is looking to expand or to create a more professional image for its customers; even though IPv4 addresses are now in relatively short supply, we have recently upgraded our network to offer support for the new IPv6 address standard.

Every dedicated server purchased from ESDS will come with two dedicated IP addresses that you can assign, as you deem necessary. There are number of different services that IP addresses can be used for, more often than not a server with multiple IP addresses is one that is hosting many websites that are using dedicated SSL certificates, for example. Additional IP addresses can be purchased on ESDS dedicated server.

Dedicated IP For SEO

Using a dedicated IP address for your website can introduce an array of SEO benefits and this can boost the number of visitors that you receive to your website. Any professional webmaster will see SEO as an integral part of the web development process and will take all measures possible to create an SEO campaign that will result in a website receiving the maximum number of visitors possible. When hosting a website on a shared IP address you can often face issues with other websites carrying out abusing activities that could result in the IP address being blacklisted and therefore impacting on the search engine rankings of the other websites; with a dedicated IP address, you will have full control of this and your ranking in search engines.

Mail Server Hosting

Dedicated IP address on a dedicated server are necessary for mail server hosting because reverse DNS (rDNS) will need to be in place so that any emails sent from your server aren’t rejected by the recipient server. Running certain services, particularly the mail server, on individual IP addresses can improve traffic efficiency and can make it easier to steam DDOS attacks because if they are focused on a particular IP address then they will only impact on a single service as opposed to affecting access to every service on the server as is often the case when all services on a server share a single IP address.

Dedicated SSL Certificates

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate can be used to gain trust from your customers because they are used to encrypt information that is transferred between your website and their computers so that if hackers do attempt to eavesdrop on the connection, they won’t be able to extract any information that could be used maliciously. The presence of an SSL certificate on your website is often recognized by web browsers by displaying a padlock next to your website address in the address bar of the application.

DNS Hosting

All domain names require at least two name servers, each of which will need to be pointed to different IP addresses if they are to be properly used. Wirth any dedicated server that you would like to serve as a DNS server you will need to be sure that you have at least two separate IP addresses to serve this purpose, as is the case with the dedicated servers offered by ESDS.

Individual Subnets

ESDS can provide you with IP addresses from individual subnets and this will benefit you if you are looking to create a DNS configuration that won’t present a single point of failure when queried. Distributing the hosting of your websites across several subnets will give the illusion that you are using more than one server to fulfill your hosting needs and could improve the standings of some of your websites in search engines.

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