Dedicated Server Maintenance for Consistent Server Speed

Dedicated web hosting is usually the most best solution for websites which have outgrown the capacities of shared hosting or VPS hosting. For the optimum performance of websites and applications like emails etc., dedicated hosting solves the problems usually experienced with any other hosting plans. Even though it is very rare, you might experience issues with speed- the upload and download speeds for your websites might slow down considerably. The server is after all a computer and you have to perform regular maintenance operations to keep it running at its best.

When your dedicated server slows down, these are some of the things you need to do:

Hardware Health Check

Check if all the hardware elements are in good condition and running well. If your RAM, Hard disk or processors are not performing up to the mark due to some reason, you might need to upgrade them.

Server Clean Up

Clear the server of all unnecessary scripts and services- they take up a lot if RAM as well as block CPU usage. Even when they are idle, these scripts and processes do eat into crucial server resources, causing it to slow down.

If you are managing your dedicated server on your own, you will need to perform these maintenance checks regularly. However if you have opted for a fully managed dedicated service, server maintenance will be taken care for you. But if you are solely responsible for your server maintenance, it is advisable to have a regular server maintenance routine to check your physical server health.

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