Virtual Dedicated Server or Dedicated Server

In the web hosting industry there is been always a buzz about the word dedicated server. Many people opt for dedicated servers as it gives them more security than any other server options. But everything which has some advantages also comes with some minus points as well. Dedicated servers are generally considered as a costly affair- means as far as cost is concerned its pretty more than compared to others.

But what if one really wants to go ahead with dedicated server and even don’t want to spend that much…. here’s the solution a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) . Virtual Dedicated Server refers to a virtual server. A VDS is considered as one of the more powerful dedicated server. One can run multiple operating system on VDS which is in compare to VPS (Virtual Private Server) is not possible, being on the Virtual environment itself.

Basically in ESDS Dedicated Server Solution Pvt Ltd is a single web server within a network of computers dedicated solely to one customer, whereas, a Virtual Dedicated Server hosting approach uses a special partitioning technology to create multiple “virtual” servers out of one physical server. In VDS the server behaves like a single server, isolating each client from other, in a completely separate space.

Dedicated server are generally used by large business house or by gaming site users for their huge requirement of space and bandwidth. In dedicated server the softwares can be configured to meet the precise needs and wants, high traffic etc. And, in Virtual Dedicated Servers also it allows you to have your own applications as you want. You can host as many sites as you want without worrying about the limitations of space and bandwidth in VDS.

Virtual Dedicated Servers which are based on the Virtualization Technology give the liberty to the hosting environment to create the multiple virtual servers on one physical server, thus reducing the costs to each hosting client while providing most of the benefits of a full-on dedicated server. Virtual dedicated servers meet the needs of web sites that have outgrown garden-variety shared hosting, but which don’t yet justify the expense of their own dedicated server.

VDS provides many features and advantages like, in VDS environment you have the ability to change server configurations, install software, update packages, shut it down, reboot it, host multiple sites — essentially, anything you could do with your own dedicated server you can do with a virtual dedicated server, for a fraction of the cost.

There are numerous benefits of a Virtual Dedicated Server which can give you the best experience of hosting environment like, You get to be in control of the virtual server. You can choose to configure your server(s) the way you like. You can enjoy several additional services as offered by the host. You have the flexibility of removing and changing these services anytime. The virtual server offers security from the threats on other websites. It lets you employ measures to counter hackers and the like.

In concluding points we can say that Virtual dedicated servers are the best alternative for the dedicated server as per the requirements, providing you all the benefits and on the lower prices than the Dedicated servers are concerned.

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