Dedicated Server Architecture

Dedicated Server is been the most popular server in the web hosting industry. Because of it’s security features and also being the most reliable one this server is considered to be the best of it. Dedicated Server Architecture can improve the efficiency of a client server systems by using one server for each application that exists within an organization.

The architecture consists of many diversions and also has redundant features. A dedicated process has one to one relationship with user process. A dedicated process occupies certain amount of memory. The most common example of a dedicated server architecture describes the typical operation of a web hosting service. Several web hosts allow customers to purchase dedicated server plans in which only their website and data is stored on the machine. Doing so enables the customer to considerably improve performance for the simple fact that website traffic is limited to a single group.

Dedicated server is basically famous for its reliability and the execution process which gives a user the liberty of full control over the server with the ease and accessibility. Dedicated server architecture is the process of limiting applications to improve the efficiency of client-server systems. In this instance, applications don’t necessarily refer to software, yet elements such as FTP and mail communications that are dedicated solely to a single unit.

As far as the cost is concerned it’s a bit considered as the expensive one because of its utility features and having a different setup altogether for a single dedicated servers. The overall goal of dedicated server architecture is to maintain one server for each application running in a given environment. Improved efficiency is a good reason to opt for this type of architecture, but one should consider the cost factor as well. After all, leasing a dedicated server isn’t exactly cheap and the price sky rockets when ownership is involved. Perhaps the best approach would be to move a smaller application over to this architecture to gauge efficiency and performance. If all goes well, you can transition other applications to dedicated servers based on costs and time.

Not sharing the server or the space with anyone is the biggest advantage of the dedicated servers. It provides one with the  full freedom and control over the server and also facilitates with the softwares and all the necessary requirements of the server. In a dedicated server architecture, each client process connects to a dedicated server process. The server process is not shared by any other client. Dedicated server architectures do not support HTTP, FTP, or WebDAV clients. Only database clients are supported.

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