10 Ingredients Of Outsourcing IT Services And A Little More

Many outsourcing companies that are associated with the loss of control of information and critical business activities. The fact is that, if outsourcing can be well executed and in accordance with the real needs of those contracts, the benefits can be seen in a short time. In this sense, I chose 10 ingredients for outsourcing as well carrying out and results:

The outsourcing process and the choice of an outsourcing vendor is complex, then regarded as the first ingredient of the need to clearly describe your environment with volume, technical details of equipment, infrastructure and applications involved.

Decide what are the criteria that you choose to adopt the service provider who will take care of your company’s technological resources. I suggest a matrix with specific assessment items with different weights according to the importance of the item for your company. Remember to involve your key users in the evaluation. It is a good evaluation by different optics.

Treat the service level agreement (SLA) – The saying that the deal is not expensive fits perfectly in this case. Do not just say that the service will be based on SLA, you must have documented how it is measured (formulas), in which frequency, which is excluded from this measurement, when and how the penalties will be considered so. Remember: if not written, will be asked in the future.

Take efforts on developing the contract draft, I quote as examples the clauses as penalties, increased volume, motivated or unmotivated termination of the contract, among others. These issues can be extremely stressful if discussed after the declaration of the winner or, worse, after the commencement of services. It is not uncommon for some companies find that hard to hire a good service provider is to get rid of a bad one.

Prepare for the costs and downtime for the period of transition, this step is extremely important to the process of outsourcing, it is then that you validate your contingencies, the process of communication, the integration between other areas of your company, contract with the service before, but mainly the skills, competence and organization of your current server hosting provider. Even with these concerns, this can be a great opportunity for you to solve old problems in IT infrastructure.

Design a good communications plan, engage with users and managers of your business process outsourcing, describe what changes, what the risks and mitigation’s, such as accessing support teams, which services will be unavailable and the more importantly, your users will see benefits with the process.

Take the opportunity to adopt management methods and quality service date or improve currently available in your company.

Plan how to communicate with the outsourcing of IT human resources, remember that they probably perceive the movement, participate in gathering information necessary for the RFP process of selecting a provider of services. Prepare for possible internal resistance, layoffs planned and unplanned, because the release of these resources payroll should be considered in transition.

Establish an evaluation period for the process, procedures of the service provider, of tools, outsourced, etc.. I suggest a maximum of 90 days, enough time to complete the adjustment phase and enter the phase of the SLA.

Register (if possible) indicators of availability, customer satisfaction and service levels prior to outsourcing. If this information is not available, compare the current costs, that you had prior to outsourcing. This is the best way to see the benefits of reducing HR costs, risks, labor, office space, physical assets, and, of course, the intangible benefits such as reducing dependence on people and increase competitive advantage against its competitors.

There are companies that invest heavily in shopping and little delivery. So sell wonderfully well, but the delivery falls short.

Ask the successful cases in the similar services you need, validates these cases, get references from the supplier on the Internet, contact these references, including in person if possible.

Many companies allow the early provision of services only with the technical and commercial proposal signed and then discover that there is a standard contract notarized, which is valid in these cases.

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