What Is SMS Gateway Server?

SMS server is designed to organize bilateral exchange with subscribers of GSM short text messages, dialed in English language.

SMS server is used in electronic payments made for awareness of the transaction, as well as for monitoring and control equipment. As part of call center service calls, SMS server is used to request a callback service (Call Back), and to automatically receive orders for goods, the activation of prepaid-cards, etc.

With SMS server distribution of information, taking questions, suggestions and requests from listeners of radio and television can be organized.

SMS server supports simultaneous work with 16 polytypic devices (any combination) and SMPP-connections (each connection is treated as a separate device) provides the ability to connect any number of client jobs.

SMS server software includes:

SMS Gateway server, implemented as NT service for operating systems, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/2008. SMS Gateway server provides support for multi-user configuration.

SMS Client – Win32 application that runs on all platforms supported by Microsoft MS Windows, ensures the exchange of SMS messages with SMS Gateway server. A set of COM components providing exchange protocols with supported types of GSM devices and SMS Gateway server.

Scheme of arrangement of the SMS server hosting:

SMS Gateway server provides

Reception and sending SMS messages via database servers; possibility of sending SMS messages in a batch mode from command line; SMS content analysis and ability to perform predetermined actions.

The SQL query is sent to an external database with substitution into the query the SMS message fields. Notification for connected clients on new SMS messages; Ability to get SMS delivery confirmation message; Interacting via SMPP protocol with GSM operator SMS center; The use of admission of SMS, depending on sender phone number prefix, keywords in SMS message, device, through which the message was accepted. SMS message delivery to rule-indicated users; Use of SMS sending rules is depending on the destination of phone number prefix. Sending SMS messages via rule-defined devices according to their priority and availability; Differentiation of access rights and rules to send and receive SMS.

SMS client provides

View received and sent SMS messages in accordance with specified criteria (outgoing, incoming, within the range of dates);  Delayed receive new messages; Creating and sending new SMS messages or sending SMS messages from the database to the specified phone numbers manually entered or selected from the built-in phone book; Sending SMS messages to a group of numbers.


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