Introduction To SAP (Systems Applications and Products)

The phenomenon of globalization has been analyzed under the most different perspectives, but the consensus among all the opportunities created by technological advances in communications and information technology are the key factors that allow the occurrence of a breakthrough as significant as the interaction between individual and organizations around the world.

The remarkable technical progress in memory capacity of computers, software user friendly language to a huge numbers of users, and the development of the Internet and other media between computers, paved the way for the role of computers that is growing irreversibly within organizations, and even inside our homes.

The governments of various countries understand the irreversibility of this process and the importance of its impact on their economies and seek to discuss the rules of inclusion and control. In India this is initiating discussion and there are difficulties in its development, probably due to the complexity of the subject and the dynamic nature of computing itself and its multiple uses by society.

Company leaders, influenced by the effects of globalization, began to give special attention to the creation of more complete information systems that integrate the best internal operational areas between themselves and with their external audiences such as customers, shareholders, suppliers, financial institutions and government agencies. It would also need to rethink and reorganize the company for the new times, to review all procedures and the way they conduct business at the same time go by introducing new information systems that respond quickly to new market demands.

One example is in the area of fund raising. With the growing need for companies to seek funds in capital markets in the country and abroad to facilitate their growth plans, they began to live with shareholders and professional and sophisticated investors that demand continuously detailed information on their performance over time. This is forcing companies, in general, to adopt a new attitude of “disclosure” of information and develop new systems that allow them to have the information requested in this new process of investor relations.

Globalization, in short, created the need for systemic integration of the organizations that are responding with the development and adoption of “enterprise system”, dedicated to integrating operational areas among themselves and with the external environment and to incorporate knowledge and modern practices in the conduct of business. These systems are essential for companies to develop their competitive capabilities and can operate efficiently with the agents of the global market.

SAP Hosting IS …

A system developed in order to support all business activities of an enterprise in an integrated and efficient way.

The solution for Enterprise to coordinate and execute their activities in a fast, safe and reliable way.


1 – The answer to all problems
2 – The strategic vision and operational business
3 – A substitute for good planning
4 – Going to be successful without the involvement of users

Do not expect that after the implementation of SAP all the problems we face today will disappear completely, since all work tools has advantages and disadvantages.

Emphasize the importance of commitment from users to the successful implementation of the system and its effective use.

The involvement of users is reflected by the active participation in training, the acceptance and clear understanding of the changes brought in their way of working and the benefits for the company as a whole associated with implementation of the new integrated system.

Benefits brought by the SAP

Information Integrity

  • Single entry point for information
  • Simultaneous processing of inputs from various users
  • Automatic updating of the database
  • Common Data Base
  • Operational aspects, financial and management are satisfied simultaneously

The use of common database involves the integrity of data and the lack of activities for maintenance of data consistency. The whole company will talk the same language. The update online information promotes greater agility and flexibility in the work.

Benefits brought by the SAP

  • Faster time to serve customers, external and internal.
  • Smaller rework-integration between people and information.
  • Point of contact for customers
  • Easier to measure results
  • Optimization of costs.

Some examples of modules:

CONTROLLING: Represents the flow of costs and revenues of the company and is a management tool for decision making.

FINANCE: Supports the Company’s financial activities: accounts payable, accounts receivable, taxation, taxes, among others.

MATERIAL MANAGEMENT: This module supports the activities of supplies and inventory.

SALES AND DISTRIBUTION: This module helps the company optimize all activities related to sales, deliveries and collections.

PRODUCTION PLANNING: This module is used to plan and control the activities and manufacturing company.
Develop Products and Processes.

Activities necessary to maximize the performance of products / parts and services (marketing, planning, engineering, manufacturing, quality, etc..)

Generate Demand

Activities needed to capture the request, commit to your care and subsequent recovery (marketing, promotions, planning, sales, sales management, credit, accounts receivable, etc …)

Meet Demand

Activities necessary to ensure the attendance of applications (sales, purchasing, accounts payable, manufacturing, quality, physical distribution, fiscal, etc.)

Consumer Watch

Activities necessary to extend the final consumer satisfaction with the product delivered (warranties, service and parts, etc.)

Manage the Business

Activities necessary for planning, control and general maintenance of business processes (strategic planning, controlling, finance, HR, quality, information technology, etc.)


SAP works in an integrated manner, which facilitates the activities of various areas  in an integrated and independent way.

Emphasize that SAP integrates the activities performed by each department, requiring the user to have a different mentality it has today.

His actions have, since the implementation of the new system, impact on the activities of other areas of the company.

Show that today, the focus is still in activity, and that with SAP, the focus will be in the process. With the integration between different areas, the Company will be able to work efficiently, serving its customers properly and supporting their activities more simply, through an integrated resource planning, saving waste of time with redundant activities.

This new view implies visible results internally and externally to the company, such as better management of resources (costs, needs and timelines), satisfied customers with an efficient and accurate service (no mistakes and false promises), product development in an integrated way and so fast.

Things could not be more so …

This is not my problem!
Forgot to update the document!
Forgot this …
They forgot that …
The system sucks!
I’ve done my part!
Not with me!

DEADLINES: Other areas depend on the information to perform their jobs. The deadlines must be met.

QUALITY OF INFORMATION: Information that is “valid” and correct.

Emphasize the major responsibility for entering data into the system right on time (or that all the user has to spend a little more time to verify that the information is actually correct).

Also cite independence between the various areas of the Company: Users should have the whole picture, knowing that HIS work directly impacts the work of other areas.


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