SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) for Data Processing

sap-systems-applications-products-data-processingFirst, let us see what is the meaning of the acronym SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) in Data Processing.

What is sap?

In 1972, in Mannheim, Germany, three engineers had an idea. They wanted to produce a software that becomes standard in the market for integrated business solutions and kicked the small business (with a compressed name) called “System Analysis and Development Program”. Since then, that company is called SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing).

From the start, SAP was devoted to software for business applications. By working with business and IT executives and having partners worldwide, SAP developed a unique way to understand the challenges encountered in the implementation of technology solutions for business users, developing software that can help companies integrate their business processes helping the entire company run more orderly. The versatile and modular systems can be quickly and easily adapted to new business processes so as to increase their capacity as they grow the business.

Uses of SAP

Today, SAP is the largest developer of software for business applications in the world and the fourth largest independent software vendor in absolute terms. More than 7,500 companies (over 15,000 rooms) in more than 90 countries choose SAP systems for mainframe and client / server to control processes in finance, manufacturing, sales, distribution and operations essential to human resources. R / 3 is considered standard in industries such as petroleum, chemical, consumer products, high tech / electronics.

SAP consolidated its leadership position in the enterprise software market in the course of its strong strategic expansion. The company hired more than 6,500 professionals to its global staff, primarily in the areas of research and development, sales and consulting. SAP is a public company with shares traded on stock exchanges globally.

Why SAP?

The best return on information. There was never anything better than SAP.

Markets are changing. Customers are changing. Businesses are changing.

The success of company depends on the quality of information and the speed with which it can be shared. Depends which can quickly respond and adapt to technological changes in your company. With SAP, you can lead the way.

And no one can give you a greater return on SAP information. SAP has led the industry in research and development, spending on these activities to 20% of their annual earnings. Due to this fact, SAP presented innovative solutions.

With over 1000 business processes included in the SAP software can integrate throughout your organization. You can share real-time information to operators, suppliers and distributors, so it is a company of 50 or 100,000 employees. By combining a superior business knowledge and experience with best industry practices, SAP solutions give “state-of-the-future”.

SAP allows you to restructure business while it is changing.

In short ..

SAP is an ERP system, from which you can manage the entire enterprise. Since the entry of an invoice to the exit of merchandise, including management of human resources, etc.

All this is done by modules, the FI module exists for financials, materials management MM, SD, sales and distributions module, etc. Each module is specific to your area.

Obviously it has separate modules, everything is integrated and linked together. I mean if someone modifies something from GM, there is an impact on the financial module.

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