Why Small and Big Businesses should urge for ERP/SAP, in Cloud

Why Small and Big Businesses should urge for ERPSAP, in CloudERP/SAP

Small and Medium businesses are budding its reach in India and with growing business comes need of proficient management to gain complete productivity and profit. To be in a competitive business means to carry smartness, smart tolls, skills, passion, to achieve these Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is now adopted by many small and big enterprises to help business streamline.

According to research publicized in Jan 2013, 43% of SMBs implemented ERP systems to save money, making benefits like growth management (38%), better decision-making (30%) and improved customer service (29%). Read here for more details.

Statistical analysis states 2% of businesses already have their ERP in Cloud, 47% are planning already to move in Cloud in coming years. Cloud ERP is buzzing more swiftly than Gartner’s prediction. Recent survey shows that traditional ERP has already declining since 2013.

I am not here to chunk your head off with statistical data providing evidences that how many people out there are adopting ERP. The real purpose is why people are adopting ERP and why you need to adopt one? ERP and its benefits are no more any obscure terms. However, Cloud ERP can be still alien for many. Cloud ERP offers benefits of both ERP and Cloud computing platform providing more flexible business.

The foremost and very important factors for SMBs are time and money, in less time more productivity is estimated along with significant cost savings. eNlight’s Cloud based ERP by ESDS gives you access to many benefits, enabling you to concentrate on your core business. Checkout benefits and features of eNlight based ERP/SAP solutions:

  1. Startup cloud based ERP/SAP with low investments makes it very cost effective
  2. Solution in which ERP/SAP is configured on auto-scaled, high availability environment, Dynamic Resource scaling with real time cost saving
  3. Autonomy to plan your usage and expenditure with online billing predictor and pay per use model
  4. Customizable and secure solution for you to choose your own plan with complete secured model with high uptime and many other features.

When ERP/SAP in cloud is yielding so many Business benefits, it is certain to propagate in coming years rapidly. This will give new Business prospects in line with improvement in present scenario, boon full with low investments and prominent cost savings.

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