Cluster Hosting

An Cluster Hosting or Network is a type of host that combines performance on demand. If suddenly the site traffic increases, also called Grid hosting is the allocation of more resources and thus keep the site online and running smoothly.

It is common for a start of small site and over time will grow, the Cluster hosting grows as your site grows, so the webmaster does not need to do updates manually. Cluster Host makes the association of resources of many dedicated servers, such as website content that is distributed across multiple servers.

This network system helps to achieve high reliability and 99.9% uptime (time online), because if one server falls apart, only a fraction of the resources of the Cluster will be lost. The Cluster has extra features that are always available to be allocated as needed.

Compared to the shared hosting, the Cluster offers a higher availability and scalability. Sharing The host can handle a limited amount of traffic, and the site may become inaccessible. The host responds to the height of the cluster traffic, adding new features to the site, keeping your site online, regardless of traffic.

Due to differences in the cluster, it does not support some of the technologies used in hosting:

Databases access are not supported due to the blocking scheme of access that prevents the simultaneous use of different processes.

  • Front Page Extensions are not supported by some providers.
  • Java and ColdFusion also not be supported.

The storage of data within the scope of application is depending on multiple concurrent sessions of access to accurate data for the entire application.

Static must have simultaneous access to accurate data through the site (application).


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