Web Hosting And VPS, A Complexity That Is Not Always Necessary

I was wrong. I thought that the “trend” is always to buy a VPS (Virtual Private Server, also called Virtual Machine, VM) was over and yet I cannot help but noticed that there are still a lot of people who  still speak so much of the goodness of these solutions to shared hosting when it is no longer enough .

The VPS are nothing more than virtual machines created with different technologies, depending on the needs and the provider you choose, but from the point of view “operations” are real and their dedicated servers are only different in the eyes of the user in name, but with all issues involving the management of a server on the network, from its management.

Users have begun to compare VPS hosting plans with shared and reseller for some time: this led to these solutions because they offer to acquire the ability to manage more domains, to have a control panel other than the one we have seen in most other offers shared hosting and why it usually has a “full customization.” The “merit” is a lot of offers, not managed, they did seem really easy to manage your VPS, if not for the fact that these require knowledge and a management of shared hosting, even professional level, obviously not required. I try to clarify once and for all and then with a series of points about what gives a VPS and shared hosting one thing, trying to emphasize a line of confrontation between the two products:


  • SSH access to the system
  • Operating system chosen by the customer, to be managed in a common server updates
  • Ability to host multiple Web sites without limits since the machine is at the customer
  • Control Panel of your choice
  • Need to perform periodic updates, safety and management system
  • Monitoring and optimization of resources by the customer
  • Useful for personalization and Web sites that require dedicated resources
  • Backup by the client, preferably on the external server (additional cost)
  • Shared Hosting / Reseller
  • Full management by the web hosting provider
  • Optimized for the use of web pages
  • Control Panel chosen by the provider
  • No specific knowledge required to manage the system

Also suitable to absorb peak loads and important if it is a professional solution with high level.

  • Ability to host multiple domains in the case of a product or multi-domain reseller
  • Inability to change the system and components supply
  • Backup almost always included and automated
  • Suitable for any type of website that does not require customization side ‘system, changing the price range.
  • ALS determined by contract with the provider
  • Shared environment, you still have a breakdown of the machine hw resources

I hope I was able to focus on what are the salient features of the two offers and why a VPS is a solution that is more complex to manage, justifiable only if the customer really needs.


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