From The Dedicated Server To Cloud, Even In Web Hosting

When two years ago we started to talk intensely about cloud computing, you looked at this technology as something very abstract, so that the same hosting provider did not see any reason to start to become interested in something that would come to a finished product after years. So it was not, and even at the expense of those who did not believe it, the cloud services today, is a “race” for many providers¬† convinced that they can reuse their hardware or their marketing, even with this new product. Many are taking it seriously, with advice and targeted investments, mainly aimed at creating its own private cloud, and not the use of a public cloud, obviously considered too “far” from the property.

Yet there are also opportunities to wonder. A provider of the Indian scene claims to use a solution of a cloud as well-known Indian company, came in first with the reality term cloud services in the Indian  market. The most observant will know who we speak, for others simply search on Google. This is an interesting piece of news, because in fact marks the transition from dedicated server, up to now, seen as the only solution for hosting providers that want to offer shared hosting, the ability to accommodate all its customers on cloud instances, expandable and scalable so as to decrease the load or the customers.

The cloud services today provides everything that you need, with a management certainly greater than that of a dedicated machine. The potential for increasing the resources allocated in real time, including the band, is certainly a feature of interest to those who provide shared hosting or have clients with unpredictable traffic.

The costs are definitely lower, but in this case we are talking about an investment that can make sense only if all its infrastructure migrates in a cloud outside. The choice of a public service for a hosting provider sets conditions of assurance on it that could turn up their noses a lot , but it is clear that the implementation of a solution of much higher costs than private cloud has an initial investment and all hosting providers will not be able to afford this.

The transition from dedicated server to cloud computing will obviously be easier for hosting companies, when they exist standard platforms, then move one instance of a large provider to another will not be a problem and will give technical and economic opportunities that will not be indifferent.


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