What Are The Prospects For Web Applications And Web Hosting

Much of the debate today on the web focuses on the need for infrastructure, dedicated hosting can be quite scalable in terms of web applications that can have a variable number of users.

What does this mean?

Especially in India there is the number of startups growing, and we talk for almost all web applications, social or other things which have their own common denominator and the analysis of data from external sources, third party service API, or the storage of large amounts of information.

PHP is a scripting language that has most enabled the web to grow with the creation of new services and web applications today is no longer the leading choice of web developers. Frameworks like Ruby on Rails has made development faster, but with the demand for different hosting environments.

In this sense web hosting needs are quite different from what we usually read. Many of the people are looking for solutions for the management of a CMS, a community or a portal, more or less growth. Not to mention the requirements that involve an application online that is growing strongly, this is for now only in few cases.

But I am sure that this wave of start-ups and web applications will come. But what are the platforms and languages used? Other than that we find today on many web hosting platforms. PHP is no longer the first scripting language used, the MVC model embodied by Ruby on Rails is one that is popular for the design of web applications with greatly reduced time. Alongside there are other languages like Python , not in first place among the choices, but definitely one of the languages that are considered by several projects.

There are a number of tools that cover the management of services, memcached is a solution commonly used for content caching, while on the front of the DBMS, solutions NoSQL are a must for many startups that want to manage large amounts of data. There are dozens of services worldwide that offer VPS for developers, with preconfigured environment of this type. The implementation of a service that aims to offer these services as a platform, in a perspective of shared hosting service, is completely lacking for now, but the addition of these technologies will go hand in hand with their spread.


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