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Setting up satellite Internet Connection

Now, a simple user can himself install home satellite internet without having to call a specialist entirely. Before installing a satellite Internet, you need to think  whether you really need it or don’t need it. As with any type of communication, the internet via a satellite dish, there are advantages and disadvantages. Plus you can… Read More »


Windows Dedicated Hosting Explained

There are many web-based businesses that need Windows-based dedicated server hosting. Windows web applications and related softwares are becoming very cost-effective and are also upgraded regularly with advanced features. Although these web applications, scripts, and softwares are still expensive compared to the Linux-based web applications and softwares, the Windows-based applications features more advanced features. Hence,… Read More »


Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Usually, an inexpensive web hosting server’s resources are shared between numerous, sometimes almost countless numbers of websites residing on a single web server. Despite the fact that division of resources brings down the expense of hosting for your users simply because many people share all the web hosting resources, a big company or any individual… Read More »