Renting a Dedicated Server in India

x3220-serverThe essence of the server rental service is that, the user is provided with virtual dedicated server hosting. If an organization is having control to the operating system of dedicated hosting, it is almost the same as when using the physical hosting or a dedicated server. When you Rent a Server, it also provides, for example, getting your own IP-address, root-directory access, handling ports, making the routing tables. In this case, server rental is cheaper.

Leased virtual server can be used to create your own versions of system libraries. Using Vds server, you can add or, alternatively, delete any files and modify them. Qualitative Vds hosting even allows you to edit the files located in the root and other service directories. The server of this type provides the possibility of installing your own applications and customize any pre-installed software.

All of these capabilities become available because VDS rented server is able to emulate the operation of a physical server, but is configured and administered separately. Emulates the physical server using the principles of virtualization hardware environment. High-quality dedicated hosting on the virtual server is organized by a group of powerful physical servers arranged in a cluster that is running multiple virtual servers.

Rental of dedicated servers

Renting a dedicated server in India from ESDS – great support for large-scale projects in the world wide web, consuming a large amount of traffic and experiencing constant high load.

Option to purchase a servers for Internet projects can only be afforded by large companies, and it will cost many times more than its rent. In addition, with an impressive price of own server, there are added expenses for its continued support in working order and regular administration.

Our company offers a sensible approach – is to rent a server, which is administered by our means (managed dedicated server). Our clients get a dedicated server at a low cost, which allows to implement complex projects. Round the clock technical support by our specialists which will eliminate the purchase of additional equipment: routers, and other devices. We organize the network infrastructure at a high level, allowing customers to operate successfully in the Internet space.

Renting a dedicated server – A suitable option for owners of online stores, allowing us to reduce the work of the numerous products to simple operations and to support the site during a visit of numerous clients in working order. Our clients do not have the burden of extra costs of salaries of IT-department, as server administration falls squarely on our shoulders. We provide the necessary conditions to ensure that every day our customers could easily manage the information on the pages of the web-site, which is useful to companies whose business is based on Internet technologies.

We enable customers to rent a dedicated server, hosted in secure data centers in India, which will ensure trouble-free operation. Rent dedicated server from ESDS – it’s reasonable price, high level of services and abiding individual approach to each client.


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