Signs that Indicates an Upgrade to a Dedicated Server


It is a fact that most of the beginners don’t understand when they require to switch or upgrade their web hosting plans. Hence, we have gathered some key aspects that can influence or help you to understand the conditions in which, you will need to switch to dedicated web servers. The core signs that indicates the need of a dedicated server are :

When you website reaches at a level where the traffic is tremendous and your current hosting plan is unable to handle or your current hosting requirements are not enough. If you really wish to have a control in such state, and always want to offer best performance to your website audience and lovers, switching to a dedicated server would be a best decision for your business to keep the trust in your visitors mind.

Secondly, having a website that is most professional looking and catching website to potential customers is everyone’s wish. One of the main issue that can cause your website is the design of your website having unprofessional look. If your visitors don’t feel confident to navigate through your site due to slow loading pages and graphics, it is very likely unable to sell your services and products. This will result your customer ending up their shopping with your competitors site. High availability and maximum uptime are the most important key aspects for any business to achieve successful levels in industry. Dedicated Web Hosting ensures you regarding all these factors and provides optimum performance to keep your customers happy and stick with your business forever.

Another thing is that every time when you realize increase in your traffic, you need to upgrade hardware resources such as disk space, bandwidth or install various softwares to support your business, etc.. The dedicated server offers you the flexibility to upgrade and install all the things you fulfill your requirements without contacting your hosting provider.

When you require exceptional security such as private development projects or sites using advanced e-commerce systems than those offered by your provider. Your clients may also expect some premium features that can’t be met without the presence of a server itself. In such conditions having a dedicated server fulfills all requirements of yours as well as your clients.

As a fact, not everyone can afford to use a dedicated server due its high cost. However, you should know that having knowledge that this kind of web hosting service is the most used and advanced solution, that provides better experience for its visitors both at the performance and security level. Hence, dedicated hosting is the primary and preferred choice of most of the successful e-commerce websites and corporate businesses.



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  1. Sam

    Very good advice. Even though I cannot say our website has reached the point of tremendous traffic, the website goes down more then we would like it to. There is nothing more frustrating when customers call us and tell us that they can’t get on the website and order something.

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