Why Use WordPress For Your Blog?


Let’s start with the numbers: according to some research, WordPress is the most commonly used content management system (almost three times compared to those who follow in ranking ( Custom, Drupal and Joomla )). Today it seems that more than 25 million sites on the internet are been made with WordPress.

With WordPress you can make sites much more dynamic than with the old HTML, adding features for better positioning and optimization (thanks to the contributions of some plugins (most are free) that improves functionality).

Among the main features that characterize most WordPress is definitely its ease of use: Even a novice to the internet can install it on web space, and for those who are beginners with the web content, will not have problems to insert a item : in other words, WordPress does not need to know programming languages, you do not need to know how to use software for webmasters and no training is required.

WordPress is highly customizable: In addition to being a “Open Source Platform” distributed free of charge, allows its users to change every facet, especially if you have a little knowledge of the PHP language. On the web, there are thousands of ready-made themes for WordPress that comes free and as well as paid with a sock that can turn your blog into money making machine. And then an infinite number of WordPress plugins that may help to make the site a glove for your drawing or idea for the business (there are plugins to improve positioning, for eCommerce, to manage newsletters, to improve images and content etc etc).

Finally, the community of WordPress has spread like wildfire: There is a official forum that deals with the world of technology and web 2.0 that helps to solve big and small problems that may be encountered while using the platform.

Last but not the least, is the hosting for blog. The CMS you’ve identified (for almost all blogging aim of WordPress) but for hosting you still have some doubts. Because you do not know exactly what to ask, and do not know what you need.

Do not worry. Just swap for a chat with your blog hosting provider and be clear on a few points:

What is the purpose of the blog? – You have to use it to exchange ideas for cooking, or you have to use it to grow your business? In the latter case you need to opt for a solution that will ensure stability and uptime for the blog.

Visitors to your blog – Difficult to know if you are publishing a blog for the first time, but you can try to make an initial estimate. If you anticipate that there are thousands of visitors per day, the solution will be different if you count only the click of the football team on Sunday.

Web space and bandwidth – You already have an idea of the web space, the physical space required to load images and other things that will help with your blog? And the bandwidth? To calculate this, multiply the average size of a web page by the number of page views every month: This point is crucial for a blog because each item has one more element to be considered in the calculation.

Need security and speed – A backup and an ever-present support and a good speed of loading web pages: These factors may be particularly useful for those who intend to blogging as a tool for sales and promotion.

You must publish video and audio resources – These contents are very important to attract the attention of readers and to give value to the content. But they demand a lot of resources from hosting: Speak with your provider on this aspect.


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