Some Plugins To Manage Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the content management tools that is more friendly, offering total freedom for programmers to use creativity in time to prepare the templates for the site.

While it offers a number of configuration options, each customization can help you to do extra work and save time which can be used in managing the content of the website or blog. It is preferable to use specific plugins to perform tasks like making a post sticky or view the most popular posts and etc.

Here are some of the essential plugins that can simplify the management of your site.


The WP-Sticky has a simple function which is widely used by many blogs. With it you can set a particular post to stay on the homepage of the site, thus ignoring the chronological order. Through it,  you can create a post of honor and let it always remain in sight.

Popular Posts

The Popular Post plugin lists your most popular posts, using the number of votes and the number of comments they received as a parameter.

Related Posts

with the Related Posts, you may include at the end of each post, a list of other posts related to the subject matter. It offers a great way to introduce your reader to a range of other posts on your site that cannot be found by the readers.


With the WP-Polls, you can easily create surveys to extract feedback from your readers. This plugin uses an AJAX script that makes the voting process simple and intuitive, and the user does not need to reload the web page.


The cforms plugin is ideal for collecting information from its users. It has a very user-friendly configuration interface that allows the creation of forms with unlimited fields, and rely on AJAX and validations and submit their responses by email.


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