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Cloud Trends – A Look Back at 2018 and What’s Ahead for 2019

Cloud computing industry is surpassing newer levels of achievements every year and making some new records. It has made it loud and clear that it is going to stay and there are no two ways about it. A prediction of Gartner Research says that 80% of the businesses will shutter down their traditional data centers… Read More »


Is AI capable of preventing Cyberattacks?

Cyber-attacks are threats to governments, businesses, and institutions today. Data Breaches at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security exposed around 200 million personal records including high-profile data leaks. At presents its just trying to figure out what other humans are trying to do which is slow and limited. When we… Read More »


Is Indian Cloud Industry Ready to Embrace the Era of 5G?

5G is a buzzword from quite a few months, and people are eagerly waiting for the same to come into the implementation. 5G will be entering into every business and especially into the businesses which require speed. Cloud data centers will be one such business to adopt and implement 5G in a quicker manner. Let us… Read More »


The Rise and Rise of Chatbots in India

The idea of chatbots was introduced around the 1960s, but only today, the term and the concept has got popular among the massive amount of individuals and industries. Since its establishment, all the roads lead to immense success, as chatbots are seen as the ideal way to communicate with machines. The rise of mobile applications… Read More »


Tips for Promoting Affiliate Programs

Surely you all know that many online resources involved in the sale of various products, and offer everyone who wants to participate in their affiliate programs . Why they are profitable. The fact that each participant is responsible for promoting the affiliate program of the affiliate. Thus, the author of the resource, which provides services… Read More »


Which Is The Most Popular CMS For Multi-User Blogs, And Why?

Content management systems or CMS are normally used in the Internet industry. Moreover, content management systems is making it easier to develop a website and it can be also used to support multi-user blogs. Multi-user blogs are becoming as popular as a CMS, as several administrators realize the numerous advantages of the Web to create… Read More »