Is Colocation web Hosting Expensive ?

We never see a lot of  discussions and debates related to Colocation web hosting in comparison with other hosting services. However, if it is compared with other hosting plans, it is pretty much expensive. If you are thinking about purchasing a colocation hosting plan, then you may need to think about the following information that accurately assesses  the true value of a colocation plan.

Data centers State-of-the-art

Colocation Plans differ from any other type of services, because instead of “borrow” web servers, colocation hosting offers storage space for individual web servers. If you have a web server that you are storing in your home then you should consider the benefits of a colocation hosting plans. Even though the monthly cost seems unnecessary, it can cost more to replace a web server after dust destroys it or if it is stolen. With a colocation data center you can be sure that your web server is completely safe and well maintained. To provide this type of secure environment for your web server, a number of precautions are taken by the colocation hosting companies, and just the right conditions are tolerated. The cost of maintaining such a facility is not low, so that cost is passed on to the customer. Hence it costs high.

Excellent Security and Surveillance

Another reason colocation hosting is so expensive is the incredible security offered. Each web server is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (even holidays), not just for cameras and other surveillance devices, but for real security professionals who are technically trained to deal with web servers, in an emergency. The datacenter is protected by high fences and stations that are patrolled by human guards at all times of day and night. To pay for these employees and keep the data center colocation company safe, the data center has to spend much money on wages and safety equipment, and that expense is passed to the client as well.

Extended Life

All the above features of colocation not only increase the cost but also increase the length of time that your server can operate optimally. Eventually, all electronic devices that wear out and must be replaced. However, colocation datacenters preserve your server, keeping it in perfect condition permanently. Theoretically, if a server is maintained under ideal conditions, it can continue to operate indefinitely. Even if the cost of hosting colocation is significantly more than other plans, it is important to note that you will be saving money in the long run, because you never have to replace your web server. With colocation the only time you need to buy another web sever is when your current server has a lack of storage, which is very unlikely unless you are operating dozens of sites with high website traffic.

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