A few Reasons Why VPS gets a Thumbs-up!

Virtual Private Servers enhance the productivity and are well justified and proven solutions. Scroll down to know the VPS benefits you can fetch for your enterprise. Technology plays a vital role if wanting the performance curve of your business to move in the upward direction. The online business or application in today’s IOT world needs… Read More »

A Foolproof Formula for Easy Disaster Recovery!

Any kind of unplanned downtime destructions will definitely cripple the business. A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is a must to minimize IT risk and ensure business continuity. Develop and deploy a foolproof Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for your organisation to bounce back in event of disaster. Scroll down for an infographic guide on DRP! Implement… Read More »

Migration to cloud will drive the changes in wired and wireless carriers!

As the traditional land-line phone business migrates into the new mobile wireless smartphone world, it is causing some telecom companies to lose their way and stumble while others are seeing the opportunity to create whole new futures for them. It provides major opportunities for telecommunications service providers and operators to reduce cost; generate new revenues and… Read More »

Colocation Benefits the Organization in many ways!

Colocation is a secure, cost-effective, resource management solution enabling business continuity. Know more about datacenter colocation benefits here! According to IDC, by 2018, 65% of companies’ IT assets will be off-site in colocation, hosting, and cloud data centers, while 33% of IT “staff” will be employees of third-party service providers. In the era of datacenters,… Read More »

Can IaaS providers cope with Increasing Demand?

There is an upward projection in the IaaS implementation by enterprises due to IOT and mobile computing in today’s digital era. Can IaaS providers meet up with the soaring demand? Gartner forecasts that the entire IaaS market’s size, which was $16.2 billion in 2015,  will reach $22.4 billion this year – a 38.4 percent year-over-year… Read More »

The Highway For Vehicles On Cloud Towards The Path of Growth !

The estimated number of cars that would increase on the road will be from 80 million today to 3 billion by 2035. So there is no dispute that an auto industry is able to witness an era of revolution with the convergence of mobility and commuting services.The automotive industry’s use of cloud technology today is… Read More »

Is eCommerce industry in India a ‘bubble’ to burst?

ECommerce industry has climbed the steep slope of high hill and waiting at the tip. Can it sustain itself or the eCommerce bubble will burst? The honeymoon period for eCommerce industry, which boomed and flourished in India, seems to be over as the giants are more focused on revenue generation, customer retention and competitive analysis.… Read More »

2017 – The Year of the Internet of Things

According to Morgan Stanley survey, the year 2017 consecrate the true start of connected objects to the mass market. Today, if your fridge is still not connected to the Internet to automatically renew buying milk when the last bottle has been emptied, it will not be long. That’s at least is the vision, schematic course… Read More »