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ESDS – Cross Platform Disaster Recovery Solutions

It is highly important for all businesses to have Disaster Recovery (DR) plans in place for situations where downtime or data loss could represent a substantial issue that could impact on a business’s ability to carry on with its operations effectively. Here at ESDS we have developed our own in-house cross-platform Disaster Recovery solution that… Read More »


And cloud computing

And cloud computing as described in a word, “the other side of the cloud world (at the side of the Internet) using the huge processing facility provided. Generic term for technologies that is, Cloud computing is classified into three types. SaaS : A service that provides software servicesPaaS : A service that provides a platformIaaS… Read More »


Cloud Computing in Disaster Recovery Strategy

Companies with data stored in the cloud computing are able to retrieve it in less time than organizations with technology-based data backup to tape devices or removable disks. For large organizations, this information can be bland, it is normal to keep more than one layer of data recovery and disaster recovery solutions. Often, these solutions… Read More »