DaaS or Desktop Virtualization In The Cloud

Less well-known technologies like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, the DaaS or Desktop as a Service, opens the way for a new generation of working environment uncorrelated positions and physical devices.

1. What is behind the acronym DaaS?

Acronym Desktop as a Service (or work environment seen as a service), the DaaS is part of the family of bricks supplied as computer services, alongside the IaaS-Infrastructure as a Service, the PaaS-Platform as a Service, and SaaS-Software as a Service. The DaaS is to deport the management and delivery of work environments (but sometimes applications) in the Cloud Services.

2. The DaaS is it totally paperless?

Indeed. In this model it comes to providing a work environment (including both the OS, applications, and also the parameters and user preferences) on demand. This is totally uncorrelated from the terminal on which it will be displayed. Thus, a working environment like DaaS will also be distributed on traditional workstations (PCs, laptops), on a smartphone or a tablet.

3. What is the point of DaaS?

It is equivalent to that of the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. The DaaS avoids the company to acquire assets (servers in the case of IaaS, software in the case of SaaS) recorded in the balance sheet in the form of requiring CAPEX and depreciation. It can instead be accounted for as operating expenses, thus providing flexibility for the accountant (OPEX).

4. What are the differences between the DaaS infrastructure and virtualized desktops (VDI)?

Chronologically, the concept of VDI is before DaaS that appeared over the last three years. As part of an offer to DaaS, the virtualized environment of work is provided by an operator or third party vendor responsible to host, manage and integrate the applications desired by the company. They will be provided in a secure manner from a multi-tenant Cloud, in the form of a subscription to the use of work environments.

For its part, the VDI (for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ) is a virtualization technology designed to allow the company to virtualize its own working environments, in its own data center for example.

5. The future is in the DaaS?

In the same way that the is software provided on request in the form of services, work environment “as a Service” are required to grow strongly by various research firms, including IDC. If only because they are an opportunity for the company to better control costs and to refocus on business. In addition, unlike the traditional VDI or deployment in workstations, the time of implementation is also very short, which of course will interest companies.


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