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FAQ’s About Server Hosting

Do you want to know more about ESDS Dedicated Server Hosting Services?

Kindly read the following Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Questions on Data center Connectivity, uplink for each Dedicated Servers.

Ans: In total, we have 500mbits of network connectivity for our Servers. We have 2×500 Mbps uplinks for our data center. Each Server in our data center is set up on 100 Mbps port, a fully-switched port on an edge switch.  Each edge switch is then, in turn, plugged into two separate aggregation switches at 100mbit, with failover redundancy allowing either 100mbit link to fail.

2. Which ISPs do you use for network connectivity of your Datacenter / Servers?

Ans: Our network transit connections are currently to TATA, Reliance and Bharti Airtel.

3. What Brand of Servers/Chassis do you use in your data center?

Ans: We use only branded server hardware from Dell, IBM, and HP along with the latest state-of-the-art Intel CPUs.

4. What types of hard disk drives (HDD) do you use and what is the speed of those drives?

Ans:- We offer SATA II hard disk drives on our Dual Core and Quad Core servers advertised on our website, all SATA drives have a speed of 7200 rpm. We provide SAS drives on our range of high configuration Dual Quad Core and Dual 6C(six core) servers.  SAS drives have a speed of 15,000 rpm.

5. What are the RAM specifications?

Ans: Our Servers advertised on our website are equipped with DDR and DDR2 RAM starting from 2GB up to 256GB on some high specification multiprocessor servers.

6. What is your uptime Guarantee for Dedicated servers?

Ans:- We offer 99.95% network and power uptime guarantee on all our dedicated servers.

7. What is your uptime Guarantee for Cloud Computing?

Ans:- We offer 99.95% network and power uptime guarantee on all our Cloud Dedicated Hosting plans.

8. Where is your Support staff based?

Ans:- Our Support staff is based in our Data Center Facility itself and the workstation floor just below the datacenter. Support is offered 24×7 through live chat, phone, and email.

9. Do you include a backup service with the Dedicated Server Hosting plans?

Ans: We include a 25 GB remote backup space for free of cost with all our dedicated servers. You can get in touch with system admins after the setup of your server and ask them to set up the backup scripts for you.

10. Do you include any backup software with the Dedicated Server Hosting plans?

Ans: We include R1soft Backup manager software for Disaster Recovery solutions and Backups of all hosted servers. An additional fee of Rs. 1000/- is charged on all servers with R1soft Backup manager. R1soft is the best Disaster Recovery software and Backup software available in the market. Aggressive research has been done by our in-house team and then we chose to go ahead with R1soft.

11. Do you provide RAID Configurations with your Dedicated Servers?

Ans: We offer RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10 options with our dedicated servers.  RAID 1 configuration needs 2 identical drives, RAID 5 configuration needs 3 drives while RAID 10 configuration needs 4 drives.

RAID 1 mirrors data on 2 identical drives which allows you to swap drives in case of failure of one drive. RAID 5 provides data striping at the byte level and also stripe error correction information. This results in excellent performance and good fault tolerance. RAID 10 provides high availability by combining features of RAID 0 and RAID 1. RAID 0 increases performance by striping volume data across multiple disk drives.
RAID 1 provides disk mirroring which duplicates data between two disk drives. By combining the features of RAID 0 and RAID 1, RAID 10 provides a second optimization for fault tolerance. RAID 10 option is available on high configuration servers only.

12. What Operating systems do you Support?

Ans: We Support Debian, CentOS, Fedora Core, RHEL and Ubuntu on our Linux Dedicated servers while for Windows Dedicated servers we offer Windows Server 2003 Web edition, Windows Server 2003 Standard, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Windows Server 2008 Web edition, Windows 2008 Standard edition and Windows Server 2008 Datacenter edition.

13. What control panels do you support on your Dedicated servers?

Ans:- We offer cPanel/WHM and Plesk Control panel on our Linux Dedicated servers for additional pricing whilst on Windows servers we offer Plesk and DotNetPanel control panel options. You can install any other control panel as per your requirements but we won’t support those control panels. As a part of our managed service, we will provide support for OS related problems only if the control panel is not purchased through ESDS.

14. Is there any money back guarantee on Dedicated servers?

Ans: We offer a 30-day money back guarantee only in case of hardware failure or if the hardware is not as per the advertised specifications. We don’t offer any refunds for software related problems as you should communicate with our support team or the accounts person in charge of your account to get those sorted.

15. Where can I find your TOS ( Terms of Service ) and SLA ( Service Level Agreement)?

Ans:- Our TOS is located at

16. Do you offer Load Balanced Servers?

Ans:- Yes. We do offer Linux Dedicated Servers. We can set up a load balanced cluster using Cisco Load Balancing hardware or using Windows load balancing feature which is inbuilt within the Windows Operating System.

17. Can you provide FTP Server – not free version but the licensed version of bulletproof FTP server?
Ans:-  We can provide you with one month free trial of “BulletProof FTP Server 2010 for Windows”. The paid version will cost Rs. 4000 per year.

18. Which Anti Virus software you offer – Could be AVG server edition.
Ans:- This will be included free of cost with the server.  AVG Enterprise edition is also available as an option for free.

19. Firewall options – throw more details on firewall protection.
Ans:- We can provide you with Cisco ASA 5505 Dedicated Firewall for Rs. 5000 per month while the Cisco ASA 5510  Dedicated Firewall will cost Rs. 15k per month. We will take care of the configuration and maintenance of the Firewall for you.

20. Security structure – throw more details on security aspect on network and server.
Ans:- We install our customized security policy on windows servers which are not behind Hardware Firewall. Our Cisco 6509 Routers have inbuilt security including ADM cards to handle DDoS attacks up to 3Gbps.

21. do you provide RPS??
Ans:- We have eMagic automation in place, which provides you with a portal to reboot or shutdown your server. You can also assign or remove IPs from your server using this eMagic portal.

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