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No one can doubt that there has been an increasing demand for the use of PHP in recent years. If it is something we love, those who promulgate the use of free software, many developers can not come off with investments for window and finish with installing WAMP servers.

That can enumerate advantages with Apache and MySQL on GNU / Linux but not on MS Windows ?

System console: virtually no limits if we combine the power of PHP with BASH . Using the command exec (), you can take total control over the OS.

Running PHP scripts from console: when installing PHP is endowed with GNU / Linux from a command line interpreter. For those who can solve any task using PHP, it is very helpful to ejaculate a system console. We can stop any PHP programmed script to run the system.

Security: a simple firewall with IP-Tables and having the system updated, the developer can rest easy.

Resources: you can make a small installation with just enough OS, reducing hardware requirements and increase server performance.

As we were talking to developers using WAMP , their choice was based almost exclusively on the fact that they do not have another computer for installation of Linux. There is no need to change your operating system (in case you are the exclusive user of Windows).

In this link you will find a step by step information on how to install a minimum Debian system and transform a LAMP web hosting servers.

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