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Project Green Connect

Future is in now our hands

Seed the Change

Climate change is a pressing issue affecting the world right now. In India, we are facing a severe water crisis due to a lack of desired rainfall. Hot Winds originating from the Deserts of the Middle East during summers end their journey in India. Before Independence, the Jungles of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh blocked these winds. These areas have all dried up due to the extreme cutting of trees and mass deforestation. Severe deforestation has left us unprotected and now these winds are travelling inwards to turn most parts of modern India into dry and arid regions, leaving them inhabitable for any flora or fauna to flourish. This lack of green cover is causing irregular and inadequate rainfall throughout India. ESDS has launched a Green Connect initiative in its effort to avert this problem by planting one billion trees. Through this initiative, we will be providing free Jamun seeds to NGOs, Farmers, and Landowners to plant seeds in areas surrounding their piece of land. These seeds have a very high tolerance for extreme weathers and can survive in harsh conditions.

ESDS – The Green Data Center is now on its next mission of planting a billion trees

We must restore our nation and make it a healthier place to live. Click on the button below to inquire for free seeds.

Our Initiative

We are broadening our horizons and vision as we aim to come up with Seed Bank under our flagship CSR program. As seeds hold enough powerful data and the power to balance our ecosystem to adapt to an ever-changing world, we believe that Seed Bank will help us preserve our cultural and ecological values.

Through this initiative we seek to instill the importance of planting and preserving trees into the minds of responsible and enthusiastic individuals who care about the environment. We will distribute Neem, Fig Tree and Jamun seeds to those who swear to create a peaceful and pleasing environment by increasing the quality of life for today’s generation and next.

As climate in India varies from region to region, we have vowed to disburse seeds only of those plants, who are assured for survival in challenging climates as we look towards eco-friendly ways for tree plantation while ensuring zero waste.

ESDS' commitment to Going Green

The austerity of our commitment towards eco-conservation can be observed in our infrastructure itself. From carefully selected building materials to unique power-saving systems, we have ensured that we keep our operations and premises as a contributing factor in maintaining the environmental equilibrium.

Salient Features

  • Our data center structure has been built using Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) blocks commonly known as Fly-Ash Bricks
  • Provides better acoustic and thermal insulation by creating a temperature difference of up to 4-5 degrees Celsius in comparison to red bricks
  • The air-conditioning requirement is considerably reduced helping us save on power consumption
  • The building has a well-planned rainwater harvesting architecture contributing towards ground water table recharging
  • Clean and filtered rain water is passed into a 200 ft deep tube well which is filled up with pebbles
  • A Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) has been set up within the premises ensuring that the sewage water is recycled and used for watering the trees and plants in our campus


About 24% of a data center budget is spend on cooling and if you are running a data center inefficiently, then the budget can be twice the cost of running and buying the hardware. Below are certain factors which contribute towards lower cooling costs:

Power Consumption

'Project Green Connect' is our attempt to conserve and recompensate for what we have taken from the eco-system. Our effort to integrate the usage of unconventional energy resources in the form of cleaner and greener alternatives has resulted in installation of solar-powered illumination systems within the premises.

  • Our data center is cushioned between other 2 floors which has helped us in reducing sensible heat load arising from top as well as bottom.
  • The DC floor has cavity walls on all 4 sides with a distance of 4 ft between both the walls which are made up of fly ash bricks.
  • External wall is painted black from inside and covered with multiple layers of fire-proof, as well as termite proof paper sheets.
  • nternal wall is painted white from both sides to reflect radiation when there is a rare possibility of radiation penetrating through the multiple layers of fire-proof paper insulation.
  • Vermiculite has been used for plastering the interior walls, beneath the flooring, as well as ceiling of the Data Centre floor.
  • A well designed structure of Sun Louvers across the entire building guarantees minimized direct sun light penetrating into the building, thus reducing the energy required for air-conditioning.


The objective of insulating the data center facility is to keep temperature by heavy power consumption. Here are our quality insulation steps to control and ensure longevity of servers and storage units:

Public Interest

As charity begins at home, we also house over 30 fully grown trees around our data center premises apart from the Tree Plantation Drive conducted by Project Green Connect every year. Since day 1, ESDS has been conducting Tree Plantation Drives every year in various parts of Northern Maharashtra, as we now aim to plant 5,000 trees next year.

With Project Green Connect, we strive to help make our company greener, reduce our carbon footprints, and contribute generously towards Ecological Conservation.

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