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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Philosophy Works Towards Contributing To Society Through Exhibiting Our Core Value


ESDS Corporate Social Responsibility

Being able to manage all this on a cross platform level is a great contribution by ESDS.

With our humanitarian initiatives focus on creating shared value for our employees, the society & for ESDS as a whole. Getting ESDSians involved in the communities where they work or live definitely has a powerful and positive impact on employee lives, the society & the business.

Our leaders show personal commitments in such activities and take efforts to build the commitment across organizational level.

Our employees have a better view of ESDS because we encourage giving back. This has helped us to drive both employee engagement and employee morale which improves performance and retention. All our CSR activities have huge involvement of our staff. Our CSR efforts range from donating money to nonprofits organizations to implementing environmentally-friendly policies in the workplace. Some of the key initiatives taken by us are as below

Helping special kids to live up their dreams

Charity is viewed as important in our society, but the true reason for charity isn’t always taught. We at ESDS always highlight and emphasize on giving unconditionally. It is hardly possible for individual to donate for the society, but ESDS as a family, supported its employees to give up for the society. This year we climbed one step above in giving charity which included

Helping Hands: We believe that in helping others we are making this world a better place

  • Real story of Shri Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj by ESDS

  • ESDS takes Ice Bucket Challenge

  • True Story of the most Social Animals on the planet Earth and how it is related to Humans - Hindi

  • True Story of the most Social Animals on the planet Earth and how it is related to Humans - English

We at ESDS believe that Education is the first step towards a bright future.

  • The Gift of Knowledge: Continuous Knowledge Enhancement being one of our values, we - made a difference by offering knowledge to the needy this year. Whatever we are today, is because of our knowledge. At the same time, we believe in sharing it in any possible way. This year each ESDSian donated Gifts of Knowledge i.e. every ESDSian donated an Educational Kit which consisted of a Pen, Pencil, Rubber, Sketch Pens Box, Coloring Book, note book and a personalized note in it having their wish for them to have a better life and success in coming future, this was totally ESDSians decision to gift and wish them luck.
  • The Gift of Life: 120 blood bags were donated this year.
  • The Gift of Happiness: We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. While we connected and bonded with 3NGOs during Diwali every ESDSians was so enlightened and touched by their impact so much so that they made conscious decisions to buy Diwali decorations and items from the NGOs instead from the local shop donating towards their happiness in a big way.
  • The Gift of Health: donation of 150 lunch packages to patients in ESIC hospital. Also We held health checkup camp for all the employees considering the health and fitness first. The joys of sharing & the content of contributing has managed to bring a sense of pride of the face of every ESDSian.
  • Sponsored Events: We had sponsored several events including the TedX Event, JCI Zonal event and JCI Marathon


Diwali Delight

This Diwali was celebrated in a different way, we thought of lighting the lamps in someone’s life. We arranged a fair at our campus where we had invited few NGOs who take care of special kids and who are into preparing decorative items for festivals. There was a huge response from ESDSians who bought good amount of stuff from them which definitely brought a big wide smile on their face.

Thought behind doing this was these special kids would get profited and their lamps would lit our houses with their innocent smiles and hard work behind making the lamps.

Once again, ESDSians were touched by this noble cause of supporting the differently abled humans for bringing smile on their faces

Tree Plantation

Since the inception of the Company, ESDS has been conducting Tree Plantation Drives every year in various parts of Northern Maharashtra. With Project Green Connect, we now plan to plant 5,000 trees next year. With Project Green Connect, we strive to help make our company greener, reduce our carbon footprints, and contribute generously towards Ecological Conservation.


Green Datacenter (environmentally-friendly architecture of premises)

The austerity of our commitment towards eco-conservation can be observed in our infrastructure itself. From carefully selected building materials to unique power-saving systems, we have ensured that we keep our operations and premises as a contributing factor in maintaining the environmental equilibrium.

  • The Data Center structure has been built using Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) Blocks commonly known as Fly-Ash Bricks.
  • The building has a well-planned rainwater harvesting architecture contributing towards ground water table recharging.
  • We have a dual air-conditioning system deployed on the workstation floor. The conventional central air-conditioner only operates 3-4 months a year. For the rest of the year, a unique concept of fresh air in-take system has been integrated which has 1/6th power consumption compared to the conventional central air-conditioning.
  • Our Data Center floor is cushioned between other 2 floors, which has helped us to reduce sensible heat load from top as well as bottom. This floor also has cavity wall from all 4 sides with distance of 4 ft between both the walls. Both walls are made up of Fly Ash Bricks.
  • A well designed structure of Sun Louvers across the entire building guarantees minimized direct sun light penetrating into the building, thus reducing the energy required for air-conditioning.
  • As charity begins at home, apart from the Tree Plantation Drive by Project Green Connect every year, we also house over 30 fully grown trees around the Data Centre premises.


Blood Donation

ESDS believes this is the greatest gift one can do for the mankind. Voluntary blood donors are saviors of mankind. As our value “Respect and care for fellow ESDSians” we preach if someone really loves oneself and other fellow beings, the only way to express it is to donate blood voluntarily. Donating blood means giving life to someone and it is believed that voluntary blood donors command the highest respect for their sacrifice.

In every 3 months we run the voluntary blood camps to keep up the spirit. This year we have donated more than 150 bags of blood saving almost 300 lives. We as ESDSians are proud for such an initiative undertaken by us.


We annually participate in the Tree Plantation activity near the Forest Range at Ramshej which has now resulted in multiple Leopards arriving in the newly created Jungle area supporting World Wild Life

We are resolute to continue with sustainable development for our local and global society while continuously supporting social initiatives among employees.

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