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Loan Origination & Management System

ESDS Cloud-Based Loan & Mortgages System is a comprehensive loan application model providing a true end-to-end platform for managing varied loan processes. The software system hosted on ESDS cloud, controls and automates various business activities performed in processing of a loan application for advanced risk management and business process optimization. Meanwhile, cloud deployment provides flexibility and scalability while optimizing costs with pay-per-use models.

Key Benefits
  • Faster processing of the loan origination cycle right from lead management to closing
  • Better customer service due to faster response time, multichannel communication systems
  • Real time monitoring of loan process
  • Greater transparency within the organization
  • Improved flexibility to introduce new loan products compliant with regulator guidelines
  • Greatly reduced defaults ensuring optimum returns

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Key Features

Loan Application:

  • Self-service Loan Application
  • Agent Assisted (Branch-Based) Loan Application

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Loan Processing:

  • 360-degree view of borrower / Loan application
  • Structured workflow for automatic routing of application
  • Support different loan products and loan types
  • Loan Marketplace for Bank
  • Appraising Collateral
  • Funding of Loan
  • Built-in Credit Scoring
  • E-KYC, KYC
  • Integration with Credit rating agency
  • Built in internal credit checking & compliance check
  • Supports multiple Origination Channels

Easy & Hassle-free Document Management

Viewing, recording, copying, storing and maintaining heterogeneous banking documents has ever been a challenge for banking/financial institutions - be it small or large-sized. Secure document viewing and management defines "how effectively" you do banking.

Document Management System is an easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy data manager, which ensures that your banking credentials are structured and organized securely.

Automate Documentation with DMS

RBI Prescribes Banks to Introduce Document Management Solution

Dated 1st of July 2011, RBI in its Master Circular declared that banks must introduce a system for record maintenance in absolute forms i.e. hard copies as well as soft copies, both of which are highly accessible. With reference to client's banking and personal information, a strict data maintenance system must be built, so that authorities are able to retrieve minimum 10-year-old data within a short span of time.

Solution to RBI's Regulations

Set of programs that convert your banking documents into electronic format–which later becomes easy to view, read, track, store and to retrieve from any branch location. You get instant access to data, extensive storage and managed banking with DMS, at an affordable cost.

Improved Banking with Automation, Decreased Time/Cost, High Security

Automated Centralized
  • Automate everything from information integration to retrieval of data and apps, eliminating the excruciating manual efforts in documentation and thereby improving productivity of the staff
  • Easy Search for files/documents, through electronic document preservation anywhere, anytime

Reduced Documentation Time, Space & Cost
  • Eliminate Document Storage and Document Transfer costs substantially, as you move on our automated DMS
  • Reduce OPEX and get rid of long processing time
  • Save storage cost extensively – E.g. You can store 100,000 pages on just 2 DVDs

Safe & Secure Management of Documents
  • Secure your documents with electronic signatures
  • Locate, print, email documents from any banking branch
  • Secure your files/documents in our redundant storage and network infrastructure, ensuring greater reliability with efficiency

Workflow Management System (Inward and Outward)

ESDS’ agile workflow management system (WMS) automates, controls, and speeds business processes. You will be able to replace manual, repetitive and error-prone tasks since our workflow management software combines content management, records management and business process automation. The intuitive system can also be easily customized and is an all-under-one-roof solution for those looking to streamline their business processes though a single interface.

ESDS WMS manages both inward and outward registers that maintain a record of incoming and outgoing documents. It is also equipped with master data creation facility, access rights, information storage, work proposals, assignments and several other features that helps companies make work planning simple and effective.

Key Benefits
  • Design and implement complex processes quickly
  • Automate tasks
  • Create seamless workflows
  • Boost overall productivity
  • Build customizable processes
  • Integration of native apps
  • Cross-functional innovation

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