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Reboot Dedicated Server via WHM/AMP/Command Line?

How to restart dedicated servers

The WHM panel provides two options for a server reboot:

  • Forceful Server Reboot
  • Graceful Server Reboot

The recommended option is Graceful Reboot. This way the reboot will be queued, and when all services are stopped the server will be restarted.

In a case there is a very high load on the server, the Graceful Reboot might not be sufficient. Then you will need to use the Forceful Server Reboot option.

Restarting a VPS or Dedicated server with WHM

Log into WHM.
Type "restart" in the search box at the top left to find the "Restart Services" section.
To restart Apache, select HTTP Server (Apache) and click yes.

Steps to restart your VPS in AMP

Log into AMP.
Locate your server and click the Restart VPS button. 
Expand the Restart VPS drop box and click the "Restart VPS" button. Then, allow time for the server 
to restart.

Restarting VPS and dedicated server with command line

Customers can restart their server services through the WHM or through Shell access. Please see the below tutorials on how to restart your services through WHM and through command line. You can shell into your server and stop and start your httpd services for your website. See the following commands.

Stop Apache

root@vps### [~]# service httpd stop

Start Apache

root@vps### [~]# service httpd start

Checks the Apache server status

root@vps### [~]# service httpd status

You can also restart MySQL also with the following commands

Stop MySQL

root@vps### [~]# service mysql stop

Start MySQL

root@vps### [~]# service mysql start

Checks the MySQL server status

root@vps### [~]# service mysql status

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