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Installing The cPanel on Linux Dedicated Server

You can install cPanel on your Linux Dedicated Servers without major complications. cPanel is a control panel used for commercial and as well as for personal hosting. With this, you can administer services such as:

  • Exim mail server,
  • server electronic pages;
  • server database: postgre sql or mysql,
  • BIND DNS server,
  • Among Others.

cPanel comes with a fully functional web interface, which makes resource management much easier. Let’s see the installation process of cPanel.

First, make sure that the partition layout meet the profile of your server. We recommend:

/ Swap with 4Gb (for systems up to 32-bit)
/ boot with 200 Mega
/ tmp with 4 Giga
/ with the rest of space

Preferably, you should choose the “ext3” as the filesystem.

Afterwards, edit the file to prevent it update some software packages:

# Nano / etc / yum.conf [ENTER]

Add at the end of the following line:

# Exclude = dev * udev * spamassassin * httpd * mod_ssl * mysql * perl * php * kernel *

Save the file, and then:

# Yum-y update

Note: This should usually be ignored when the machine is purchased or rented directly on any Internet data center that delivers pre-installed cPanel on dedicated server.

Now download the installation file from the cPanel and start the process.

# Screen
# cd / home; wget
# sh latest
cPanel installation, it can take on average 70 minutes. This will depend on your connection speed and availability of cPanel servers.

Certainly, the cPanel installation is a simple task, but the configuration and optimization of a server with cPanel, does not follow the same ease. Remember that the first configuration of your server can be crucial to the success of your goal, so we recommend a company that is engaged in optimizing especially with Linux Dedicated Servers India environments with cPanel.

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